labor day weekend (sunday sevens #32)

Thanks to the sheer genius of Threads and Bobbins’ Natalie, who thought up Sunday Sevens, here’s my contribution of seven photos from the week, more or less, including a funny one that came to mind yesterday. Not sayin’ why . . .

(click a pic to get to all the words)

In America, Labor Day used to be thought of as summer’s last fling. Time to put away shorts, bathing suits, and anything white, especially shoes and handbags.

Pools closed, schools opened, and thoughts turned to warmer clothes, Hallowe’en costumes,  November’s elections, and wondering if nurseries would stock that same chrysanthemum …

Reality check: Pools remain open, August’s heat continues, and merchants have already put out ‘mums, Hallowe’en cards, and candy for trick-or-treaters. Put away those shorts? I wish. The week’s predicted temps are all 90’s.

Last week’s last days of August included other end-of-the-summer rituals, including the hallway power wash, and the creepy crawlies’ subsequent protest demonstrations. Currently all’s quiet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

On the human horizon, a dear friend’s husband unexpectedly died. Instead of a memorial service, she held a celebration of life, and yours truly took photos.

I had time to talk with a woman I’d met on a visit four or five years ago. In the interim her niece moved into the area, so I met her, too. We started talking about sewing, and another neighbour joined in. You’ll never guess what they were all saying…

No, they didn’t sew any more because when they bought a pattern and followed it carefully, it never turned out right. They all decided (separately) it was their fault, and they should give up.

Sound familiar???

From the days when Summer ended on Labor Day. 😎



8 thoughts on “labor day weekend (sunday sevens #32)

  1. SomedaySewing

    I love love love Dolly Parton! Thank you for sharing this Dolly video! I am also ready to change out my summer wardrobe for fall, but alas it is still sweltering here too.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      So glad you enjoyed the video. Had trouble getting that song out of my head once someone brought it up!
      When the rest of the fabric world is considering nice, cuddly corduroy and soft wools it’s hard to have to keep on with the summer cottons. 😢

  2. sewchet

    Love those tin plates – I’ve just bought some similar ones myself and torment people by dropping them on the floor just to see their expressions when they think they’re going to smash:)

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Have had my 2 plates since about 1999, bought on after-holiday sale. I toyed with also putting up their back sides, which reference the V&A deets on the designs. Do yours have that on their backs, too?
      Your post about yours reminded me these have been in hiding ever since! I don’t have a place to display them properly, and have been puzzling over what to do with them each time I go through my holiday decorations box. Suggestions? (Besides dropping one on the floor to see what guests do!)
      And thanks again for posting yours! xx

      1. sewchet

        They do have the details on the back, although they’re from different collections, not the V & A. Why not just use them like we do? They’re a great conversation piece.

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          How interesting your collection must be, Sheila! Do you use yours only for camping and display? I don’t camp, and haven’t plate racks for display so am somewhat at a loss.

          Anyone else have a suggestion?

          1. sewchet

            No, we use them in the garden as well, instead of picnic plates as we don’t like to risk China in the garden because of the animals – broken glass or China would be a disaster with hens pecking around.

          2. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Good thought about using in your garden! (Poor chickies wouldn’t do well at all with a diet of china.) But as I’ve not had a garden option either, I’m always left considering what to do with them… I’ll just admire ’em!

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