rare august weather

stocking up the pantry
stocking up the pantry again

Shhh! A rare weather occurrence:

We’re not havin’ a heat wave!

After 6 weeks of triple digit weather nearly every single day, it’s low humidity and sunshine for a few days.

Time to get those bare cupboards stocked up before the next blast starts. So, the sewing pile waits… 😲

Yes, July was the hottest month for the entire world, ever since recorded temps started being recorded.

That is not a record this writer wants to see broken any time soon.

On a more humorous note, for those brave souls dying to see that risqué card from friend Ali, amazon UK has it here.

Now, some photos from a pleasant walk to the grocery yesterday.

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4 thoughts on “rare august weather”

  1. Pleasant walk, indeed! And the pantry has certainly benefited. 🙂 The last couple of days have been glorious, haven’t they? We are in for a few hot days (hopefully less humid) and then oh goodness, I hope that’s the last of them.

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    1. Alas, we’re returning to Summer, but hopefully without the high humidity. (extremities crossed) Might have to seriously consider moving back up the coast to get out of this heat & humidity!

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