hot week’s sunday seven 29

Was stuck in front of a computer screen this week instead of sewing, and by Friday night I was ready for  FUN.

And what’s more fun than getting stuck into some sewing. For once I have plenty of weather- appropriate projects, too.

As ever, thanks to Natalie for creating Sunday Sevens. (Hope you’re surviving the heat down there, luv!)

So click a pic to get all the deets, then Escape back to here.


Also submitted for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

3 thoughts on “hot week’s sunday seven 29”

  1. I love that you’re watching Bake Off whilst you’re sewing, Nadiya is the best!! The floral fabric you’re using for the blouse is beautiful, I hope you share some photos of what it looks like on 🙂 x

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  2. Looks like you made up for lost time with the sewing! A friend cooked chicken caesar salad for us yesterday, it’s one of my favourite Summer dishes – especially if, like you, I don’t have to make it myself.


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