sunday sevens #28-ish

so sweet!

isn’t she adorable?! pick th’ litter & pedigrees up the elbow (liberty/yorkshire)!

All it took were 3 days in a row of 50’s percentage humidity and temps in the low 80’s, and I was off, thinking about Autumn & Winter wardrobe options.

Unfortunately, Summer Returned.

[Insert expletive of choice]

The rest of the week looked a bit like these photos, and apologies if there aren’t seven.

Natalie, who came up with the concept of Sunday Sevens, is re-e-e-al generous with the “rules.” 😘

Moving on, I’ll emphasise the wonderful package FULL of goodies from bestie Ali over in Yorkshire, a much happier note to end on than the weather! 😉

Edited to include Ali’s blog & Fabworks Online. Fabworks was super helpful, but their shipping charges to U.S. are exorbitant (just my thought; so much less $$ for fabric 😢). Fingers crossed that changes.




9 thoughts on “sunday sevens #28-ish

  1. jessthetics

    The doilies are so cute, and you’re right, the stitching is really dainty! It’s funny, I went to a knitting circle recently and a lady brought along two teddys that her and her friend had crocheted using the exact same pattern, yarn and hook, and they were completely different sizes. It’s amazing what a difference tension can make. I hope it cools down enough for you to have your yorkshire puds – I’m considering doing a roast for dinner but I won’t have any problem with the oven heating up my flat 😉 xx

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Yes, tension can make quite a difference & how interesting to have seen those two examples!
      I’m just hoping I don’t have to wait until December for it to cool off down here! A roast?! Enjoy your nice warm flat whilst it’s cooking!
      Oh! Been meaning to suggest something for your trip: Both of you should get some little squeeze bottles of saline nasal spray. (It’s just salt water & a bit of preservative, so don’t pay $$$.) You should both spray your noses at least once an hour whilst on those long flights to & from, and you’ll be spraying just as often whilst travelling around semi-arid (and maybe still smouldering) California. It should keep your nasal passages much happier & not so prone to infections from the shock of no humidity after Scotland!

  2. jendavismiller

    Nice week here (despite the awful east coast weather), sweet little mouse from Ali, pretty curtains-to-be, and yummy chocolates most welcome. And oh how I love a good expletive! 😉


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