looking up from inside the cool

As many of you know, the South and Midwest of America is “enjoying” some heat extremities.ย  Thank goodness for air conditioning, and insulation, and refrigeration!

Looking upwards yesterday, from my darkened cave of a sewing area, I spied my curtain insulation fabric.

Now’s the time, I thought, to get it cut, sewn, and IN PLACE. So I did.

What I’d forgotten was I’d gotten some new-to-me fabric via the Internet, and had purchased enough for only one of the two windows.

Thinking one’s better than none, I went for it.

I could feel the difference immediately!

All sorts of weaves & varying R-valued (insulation ratings) fabrics are loosely called BLACKOUT FABRIC.

Even Joann’s has some, if they’re not temporarily out. And it is washable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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10 thoughts on “looking up from inside the cool”

      1. But then I’ve just been reading about your light issues, so these fab curtains cause you other problems. Our energy saving bulbs just glow and take quite a while to warm up and shed some proper light, but I’ve never noticed the colour. ๐Ÿ˜€

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        1. (Apologies in advance for another mini-rant. shame-faced!)
          Yes, they all have their pluses & minuses. Wouldn’t whine so but they’re not the usual ones I’d also use for lamps. (Those I always make certain are correct & keep spare ones.) No, all the fixtures in this place are odd fittings & have to be replaced by maintenance, once I buy the replacements. (He-hee! One of the guys told me this style isn’t being manufactured any more, so sounds like soon they won’t even be able to get replacement bulbs. Then the entire 350+ units in the complex will be in a right mess.)
          Bulbs have to be special ordered at one particular store ~ never mind what colour iullumination they give. It’s the special ordering & inability to use in other places/fixtures once I’ve left here that are annoying. It’s like burning my $5 bills 2 at a time, but I can’t do any work under that horrid yellow dimness. AAAAH-GGGGGHHHHH!!!!!


  1. Good job. What I need up here is a lining fabric that will insulate against the cold. I know, I know, that’s what thousand dollar velvet curtains are for!

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