we’re havin’ a heat wave…

For everyone in the rest of the world... if you're in the U./S., you don't wanna know!
for everyone in the ℃ world… if you’re in the U.S., you already know it’s too hot! (cut & pasted from weather.com)

… and it’s nothing like that Bing Crosby song. (Didn’t he sing that in one of his films? Wonder why I keep hearing it in his voice?? Maybe it’s hotter than I’d realized . . .  😮)

Kind & gentle words to other states on this side the pond, where they’re even hotter.

Before I forget ~ Just watched the final Great British Sewing Bee episode, and it’s an edge-of-your-seat one. Won’t say who wins, you need to watch. (edited: Hopefully, it stays available over here…. ssshh!)

Please bear with me… it’s about lights. Again.

Some Dear Readers might recall the trouble I had with very yellow artificial light in all my apartment fixtures, which I replaced in key areas with sunlight bulbs (at my own expense, leaving less for fabric~whaaah).

Last week the sewing area got a new fixture, and Tuesday so did the cutting room. You’ll never guess. They both use differing styles of lights, but they all share the same characteristic. Wait for it . . . . .

they produce yellow light. AGH ! ! !

Yep. Now there are 3 different kinds of bulbs in this rental, all with very different specifications.

Why am I freaking out, you ask?  😮    Let me show you.  😢

(click any pic for enlargement, then Escape back to this post)

Nevertheless, I persisted and got shorts and a Colette top cut out of this 1m of fabric from U.K.’s White Tree Fabrics.

The quality is almost Liberty, and I’ve 1 more piece to make up. Might cut the same things. We’ll see…

What’s going on with that black jacket? I think it’s called procrastination.    😱   he-hee . . .


6 thoughts on “we’re havin’ a heat wave…”

    1. Yes, I’m talking daylight, which compared to this artificial yellow, appears white. Unconsciously I’m constantly matching colours, so this horrible (and dark) “light” throws me sideways. I never want to turn it on, let alone walk into the space.

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  1. 35c! That is hot wow, you must be melting. Maybe I wouldn’t like it in reality, but I’m always jealous of people with “real” summers. The grass is always greener I guess! But for a hot weather person, it’s really unfortunate that I live in such a cold country. The White Tree fabrics pattern is gorgeous! So sunny and it looks almost good enough to eat. For lighting – have you tried photo quality daylight lighting? I use the umbrella kits for photography in the evenings, and it might help.

    Jessthetics xx

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    1. Re lighting ~ yes, daylight bulbs are what I get. Have to go to a specialist store here, and they have to special order. I’m always unconsciously matching/watching colour, so any yellowing really throws me off-centre!


  2. Light drives me completely insane in the darker months here but fortunately as my cutting out table is the kitchen floor as you know my lovely one, I have great natural light via huge patio doors. Have a made the most of this wonderful light in July…. NOPE! I’m a very bad gal right now. Thinking up a storm but have to somehow turn said thoughts into actions but by the time the weekend comes I get way laid. I blame it on being a butterfly brained Gemini and I’m sticking to that argument 🤗💋

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    1. Be nice to your Good Self! Sometimes you just gotta spend time thinking instead of doing. With all you’ve got going on, if it were me, I wouldn’t even have time to think! Thanks for cluing me in on A.L.; Women’s Hour did a big spot on her & T.M. this week. You & the gals going out for a band night? Wherever, have a great time! 💋


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