we’re havin’ a heat wave…

For everyone in the rest of the world... if you're in the U./S., you don't wanna know!

for everyone in the ℃ world… if you’re in the U.S., you already know it’s too hot! (cut & pasted from weather.com)

… and it’s nothing like that Bing Crosby song. (Didn’t he sing that in one of his films? Wonder why I keep hearing it in his voice?? Maybe it’s hotter than I’d realized . . .  😮)

Kind & gentle words to other states on this side the pond, where they’re even hotter.

Before I forget ~ Just watched the final Great British Sewing Bee episode, and it’s an edge-of-your-seat one. Won’t say who wins, you need to watch. (edited: Hopefully, it stays available over here…. ssshh!)

Please bear with me… it’s about lights. Again.

Some Dear Readers might recall the trouble I had with very yellow artificial light in all my apartment fixtures, which I replaced in key areas with sunlight bulbs (at my own expense, leaving less for fabric~whaaah).

Last week the sewing area got a new fixture, and Tuesday so did the cutting room. You’ll never guess. They both use differing styles of lights, but they all share the same characteristic. Wait for it . . . . .

they produce yellow light. AGH ! ! !

Yep. Now there are 3 different kinds of bulbs in this rental, all with very different specifications.

Why am I freaking out, you ask?  😮    Let me show you.  😢

(click any pic for enlargement, then Escape back to this post)

Nevertheless, I persisted and got shorts and a Colette top cut out of this 1m of fabric from U.K.’s White Tree Fabrics.

The quality is almost Liberty, and I’ve 1 more piece to make up. Might cut the same things. We’ll see…

What’s going on with that black jacket? I think it’s called procrastination.    😱   he-hee . . .


6 thoughts on “we’re havin’ a heat wave…

  1. sewchet

    Ooh, I quite like a yellowish glow in the evenings – a daylight bulb seems too harsh. Or are we talking daytime here?

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Yes, I’m talking daylight, which compared to this artificial yellow, appears white. Unconsciously I’m constantly matching colours, so this horrible (and dark) “light” throws me sideways. I never want to turn it on, let alone walk into the space.

  2. Jess Acton (@jessacton)

    35c! That is hot wow, you must be melting. Maybe I wouldn’t like it in reality, but I’m always jealous of people with “real” summers. The grass is always greener I guess! But for a hot weather person, it’s really unfortunate that I live in such a cold country. The White Tree fabrics pattern is gorgeous! So sunny and it looks almost good enough to eat. For lighting – have you tried photo quality daylight lighting? I use the umbrella kits for photography in the evenings, and it might help.

    Jessthetics xx

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Re lighting ~ yes, daylight bulbs are what I get. Have to go to a specialist store here, and they have to special order. I’m always unconsciously matching/watching colour, so any yellowing really throws me off-centre!

  3. oursewingpatch

    Light drives me completely insane in the darker months here but fortunately as my cutting out table is the kitchen floor as you know my lovely one, I have great natural light via huge patio doors. Have a made the most of this wonderful light in July…. NOPE! I’m a very bad gal right now. Thinking up a storm but have to somehow turn said thoughts into actions but by the time the weekend comes I get way laid. I blame it on being a butterfly brained Gemini and I’m sticking to that argument 🤗💋

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Be nice to your Good Self! Sometimes you just gotta spend time thinking instead of doing. With all you’ve got going on, if it were me, I wouldn’t even have time to think! Thanks for cluing me in on A.L.; Women’s Hour did a big spot on her & T.M. this week. You & the gals going out for a band night? Wherever, have a great time! 💋


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