will these opposites work? (a.k.a., sunday sevens #23)

june looks more like july
june looks more like july

Maybe I’m early this week, but it’s already Sunday in at least half the world. 😉

july?? must be southern hemisphere
july?? must be southern hemisphere

If you’d like to participate in Sunday Sevens, no matter when your Sunday arrives, check out Nat’s post.

We pretty much make up our own rules, but her guidelines are over here.

Looking at these calendar illustrations reminded me of this week’s Photo Challenge, so they’re hereby submitted.

Below are 2 more opposites: My Shweshwe South African fabric (gifted by the lovely Anne over at The Compulsive Seamstress) coupled with a linen/cotton fabric called Papaya Passion, from Fabworks Online, in Dewsbury, U.K.

If you email them a message it might get answered by George, who was tremendous, answering all my questions about this fabric. Not to mention a couple other things.

I’ve been considering some options for pieces to include in an ensemble, in honor of the Shweshwe.  Anne brought it up to the U.K. after her vacation, then sent it on to me in the U.S. This piece is better traveled than I am.

So far  I’m thinking a very loose kimono-sleeved unlined almost duster & contrasting dress to wear together. So I’m planning a few of those in other fabrics, just to get in the mood.

What do you think about the combination? Too much, or not enough?? I’m hoping they’ll be in harmony with each other, and entering them in Ailsa’s travel challenge, too.

Also spent 2 lovely hours watching the last two episodes of Great British Sewing Bee. Only one more for this year .  .  . makes me sad.

can you make out that threading diagram? need a magnifying glass to decipher all 3 paths
can you make out that threading diagram? need a magnifying glass to decipher all 3 paths

Took not nearly as long as anticipated getting my old serger/overlocker (same thing, different names) re-threaded Yes. The dreaded re-threading.

You can see from the booklet how detailed the innards are.

I was almost finished overlocking every piece in that black kimono-sleeve jacket when it happened. A thread snapped. At that point all I could do was Step Away From The Machine.


On another day the crisis got resolved,the last piece overlocked, but it started wonking out. This time I caught it real quick, discovered a notch that had come un-threaded, tweaked it back into place, and all was fine. Phew!

Now it’s on to the next crisis: having had to piece the 2 front sections, I get to piece them together, making them look like deliberate design “details.” Thank goodness this is a three-day weekend

Hope you’re enjoying yours!

tool kit - those long tweezers get lots o'use. whoever thinks sewing isn't a form of engineering, refer 'em to me!
tool kit – those long tweezers get lots o’use. whoever thinks sewing isn’t a form of engineering, refer ’em to me!



14 thoughts on “will these opposites work? (a.k.a., sunday sevens #23)”

  1. I think the two patterns look gorgeous together! I love a good pattern clash. The orange pumpkin fabric looks almost good enough to eat! I haven’t been watching the latest season of Sewing Bee – I need to catch up xx

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        1. Thank you ~ wish I had your confidence.
          Did you locate that eyelet? I found some… all online… just in case you hadn’t.
          100% cotton ~ both are $14.98
          100% cotton ~ both are $16.98
          100% cotton ~ $ 6.98
          100% cotton ~ $17.87

          Hart’s, Santa Cruz
          Stone Mountain & Daughter, Berkeley
          Britex, San Francisco, has 2, each at $55 & $77, if you’re interested (neither attractive, in my opinion) https://www.britexfabrics.com/


          1. Thank you! I just noticed this comment….I hadn’t searched any but Mood. I’m going to check these out right now before I fly into ultimate “guests are coming” finishing up with tidying up.

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            1. You’re quite welcome – good luck with finding what you want. Hope that forecasted bad weather doesn’t materialize & cause problems with your visitors.

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  2. Love your opposites.The calendar prints and the fabrics. They are beautiful. I was stitching up a project yesterday on my serger (which had required me to change the thread color anyway) and on the very last seam the first looper thread broke. Not once but, twice! Whew! Got it done thou. I had someone recently tell me they had 2 sergers. One threaded in white and one in black, so sey could avoid rethreading. Hmmm, they might be onto something.

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    1. Thank you kindly, ma’am. Oh, dear, our sergers are being VERY disobedient this weekend. Hope they didn’t plan it. Lol!
      Two sergers = The ultimate luxury. 😍


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