sewing & door numbers . . . ?

that number is also inlaid in the sidewalk

Okay, so what do these have to do with sewing, I ask myself.

Uh . . .

Sewing needs and uses numbers in many ways, from describing how much fabric it will take to make that blouse/skirt/dress/coat ~ you get the idea ~ you’re dying to try.

But sewing is also a door through which you can choose to enter or not.

At best, opening the door gets you an item of clothing to wear.

talk about grand – see the dome?

But it also reaffirms your ability to do a number of complex tasks, from estimating materials, to mental design (the right fabric for the item & concept of your vision), to reaffirming your sense of self and your creativity.

At worst, you decide one (or several) of the factors was off, and either overcome or bin the item. But you’ve still gained experience.

How many times do we read it takes failure and successes to learn.

Now it’s your turn, Dear Readers!

  • Do any of these doors or numbers inspire you?
  • Remind you of a door you’ve opened?
  • Or not opened?

Hope you’ll share your thoughts. Thank you!

❤   ❤   ❤


All photos taken in downtown Chicago and Lincoln Park.

Submitted to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, &

52 Week Photo Challenge


11 thoughts on “sewing & door numbers . . . ?”

    1. That caught my eye straight away – particularly as it was icy & my eyes were on the sidewalk, which has the same thing embedded. I just l-o-v-e the style!


  1. Those are some truly majestic doors Del! And I love the way you link to the doorways into sewing – so many doorways to creativity. That first one is especially memorable. The appeal of doors to me is that every one has a story and invite you to wonder what is beyond. Great entry!

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