sunday sevens #18

Here are my 7 photos for the week.

And a note that BBC’s The Great British Sewing Bee‘s fourth season has started. I’ve seen 2 episodes thus far, courtesy of a certain free online site.  😉


Natalie of Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday or have 7 photos. Perfect for weeks when life happens.



14 thoughts on “sunday sevens #18

  1. jendavismiller

    What she said. She being Sheila…..reversible! Where do you watch GBSB? BBC America? All of those African fabrics look wonderful, as does that bit of chocolate. And the straw hat. Lovely week!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      OK, reversible they should be. Sneak over to Youtube & do a search. You should be able to locate it, coded as S04E01 & …E02 (Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2). Be quick, as they sometimes get pulled off really fast, which is why I didn’t reference a URL. That rafia hat was a devil to crochet, because of the rafia’s texture. But it’s sure held up well, as I wear it every time I go out in summer. Was just thinking about that chocolate… haven’t opened it yet as I’m trying to decide how to do a taste test. Any suggestions on what I should compare it to?

      1. jendavismiller

        I’ll check for them! hmmm, a chocolate comparison. Other than local shops, I’m pretty satisfied with Trader Joes, do you have one? Their Vahlrona (sp?) dark is really good. And you crocheted that hat? WOW!

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Yes, have Trader Joe’s & do like their chocolate, but hadn’t tried that variety. If there’s a dark chocolate, might have to pick one up next time I’m there. Thanks for letting me know about it! Picked up the cd version of Evanovich’s book late today. Hope to get to it tomorrow.

          1. jendavismiller

            I’m sure you will enjoy that chocolate! The books were recommended to me by two (very different!) friends and I read a few of them. Curious to hear your impression. 🙂

          2. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Listened to the first 3 of 8 cds whilst doing some photo editing & am not impressed. She may be a good writer, but her subject matter leaves something to be desired… but then I’m more a fan of cozy British mysteries, not tough Jersey neighbourhoods. Sorry!

          3. jendavismiller

            Hehe….no need to apologize. I stopped reading midway into what might have number 4? and never went back. Same story, different names each time. I do expect to read the next Brody offering.

          4. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            He-hee! Good on you for wading through all that you did. Did her wardrobe improve? Brody’s okay, but for me Holt’s intelligent literary asides, self-respect, & overall ambiance are better just now. Her prose flows smooth as silk.

          5. jendavismiller

            It’s been a long time, I don’t really remember too much about her wardrobe. I’m guessing not. 😉 Holt? Have you mentioned her? I’ve forgotten. Cursed insomnia…..

          6. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Been a few weeks since mentioning Holt, but have been working my way through her Mrs. Malory series without tiring thus far. She (Holt) was quite a writer & friend of author Barbara Pym, and her (Holt)’s heroine is also a writer, specializing in books of the 20’s & 30’s, which is the era I also favour. Plus Holt mentions many writers, artists, and other cultural things that I can look up if I’m curious (and frequently I am) so am always learning more bits & pieces about the UK. And Holt’s books ar3e mysteries without lots of dead bodies & a definite murderer to have arrested. Holt always pens a different ending to each Midsomer Murders-type cozy mystery. I’d end up her first book, but I downloaded my copy. (“Gone Away” or “Mrs. Malory Investigates,” depending on which country of publication. Reminder to self to rant someday about why editors feel the need change titles . . .)

  2. corrineappleby

    Glad to hear that you can still watch the Great British Sewing Sewing Bee! It would be frustrating to miss out on that when so many bloggers are talking about it! Love your fabrics and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished bags!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you! Being able to catch GBSB is a lovely chance to relax and watch others sew. I know some don’t care for it, but I just enjoy watching a sort-of reality programme where people are polite to one another ~ the sewing is a bonus.

  3. sewchet

    Oh wow, so many fabrics! As to which should be main and which should be lining, I couldn’t choose. Why not make them reversible?


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