shweshwe #2

pardon the sunny location!
pardon the sunny location!


It’s here and I lo-o-ove it!


Anne’s package has arrived, and the Shweshwe is being laundered as I type.


Details in a few days. . .


More about Shweshwe.

the pattern is cee dee pumpkin - very apt, don't you think!
the pattern is cee dee pumpkin – very apt, don’t you think!

9 thoughts on “shweshwe #2”

  1. It’s gorgeous! You’ll be able to make something really lovely from that! The circles are a lot small than I thought they were going to be!

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    1. Cee dee pumpkin is a circular print, with small dots. I’d say a medium weight cotton, certainly quite a sturdy fabric. And it’s not pre-shrunk! More on that in another post. Look above for an added close-up of the print.

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    1. Am totally uncertain just now! Fabric is dry, and I need to re-measure as it definitely shrinks (Anne warned about that!), then try to compute from the narrower width. Any suggestions? 😀

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