sunday sevens #17 & week 3, memademay

Here are my 7 photos for the week, in slide show format. Click to go to the show, which includes captions of explanation.


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Natalie, Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday or have 7 photos. Perfect for weeks when there’s not much to write about, but life happens.

  • For more about Gütermann thread’s secret hidey spool construction, read Yorkshire Karen’s post.
  • Some interesting thoughts about Clothes on BBC Radio 4’s Late Night Women’s Hour podcasts. Do be aware that as it’s late at night, some of the language is a bit different from what’s used at 10 in the morning. 😉
  • Eye-opening example of what happened with fabric construction when they cut their newest pattern cross grain instead of with grainline, from pattern company Decades of Style.

Added to my discoveries during MeMadeMay are cutoffs/culottes with pockets in black & maybe denim because I’m wearing the upcycled ones from friend Karen every week.


8 thoughts on “sunday sevens #17 & week 3, memademay”

  1. The scent of wisteria – ah-h-h! Sure do miss it. Glad you were able to enjoy London in spring. Always something new to learn in dressmaking, even from a spool (do British say reel?) of thread. 😉


  2. Those hydrangeas! They’re so pretty – I saw lots of beautiful wisteria in London last weekend and they smell so good. Spring is here! Haha, I’m glad you found that hidden feature of the gutterman thread. I think I found it by accident when I was figuring out how to attach it to my sewing machine…

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  3. Love the fabric on those shorts! I also only found out about the Gütermann recently…I was told that you can also store needles there 🙂 Amazing!

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  4. Nice! I think that fabric will make some very fine shorts. Good job with MeMadeMay, and great links included. [Somewhere, in the deep recesses of my brain, is a vague memory of the Gutterman thread secret feature….]


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