sunday sevens #16

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Well, I wore my Morris jacket a few more times last week . . . .

I’m delighted we’re having slightly cooler weather for a couple of days, so I can.

You know I do wash it. 😉

Here are some Me Made May entries for last week ~ have forgotten a few & you need to mentally add that denim Morris. Captions are when your cursor hovers over a photo or you click one.

Keep counting, cause I’ve actually got 7 photos this week, so Natalie’s (Threads and Bobbins)   Sunday Sevens actually fits… except I missed Sunday. Anyone can join in, and details are quite flexible as we all know Life sometimes comes before sewing. (Horrors!)

And here’s a few more, for further glimpses of the rest of the week. Hard to believe the month’s half gone!


6 thoughts on “sunday sevens #16”

  1. Your me made may photos are so colourful and summery! I adore the colourful kimono on the left. The roses are soooo beautiful, I wish I had something like that in my garden xx

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  2. You’re right there, life getting in the way of sewing! I now know what people mean when they used to say they didn’t know how I fit everything in. I don’t know myself now. Well done of the MMM, and taking pics. And so so so glad Marris gets the occasional wash, lol xx

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  3. Thank you, Sheila! That un-hemmed knit blouse is under consideration, as it’s uncomfortable. Neckline is deliberately twisted style, with no stretch. Messing with the sleeves helped a bit; will give it one more wear before deciding. So-o-o, decided not to waste time on hemming. 😉

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  4. Oh my – those roses are spectacular! I wish I could keep to seven photos as it would take me far less time to write the bloomin’ blog post up. Well done on your MMM challenge, you seem to be doing pretty well, even if some things still need hemming…..:)

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