a sewing tale: the path to morris

in sewing, the path to completion is sometimes a long & windy road

No, it isn’t a town somewhere. It’s a jacket pattern, from Grainline.

When it was first published last year there were lots of wonderful versions online, including this, and this.

Nice, I thought, very nice! But what fabric to use? That was the question, because I was living in a fabric-free zone, and very leery of online ordering any knit I couldn’t handle before purchasing.

Then Jen, Grainline’s designer, featured this version on her site, and the fabric was still available from Mood in NYC. After that  perfect recommendation, I ordered some.

Then it sat and aged a bit whilst I thought about it, as one sometimes does. . . you, know, to consider all one’s options.

this denim skirt, remember? click the pic for original post

And realized I should do a toile before cutting into the gorgeous green.

And wondered if I really wanted a jacket. The fabric would make a perfect….. (insert favourite style).

Then I watched a marathon of Stacy London & Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and noted how much jackets/blazers added to one’s wardrobe.

That did it. I remembered some heavy stretch denim used for a long winter skirt several seasons ago. There was plenty left over. It’s heavy, but it passed the stretch test. Besides, it was for a toile that, if wearable, might go well with my denim skirt (right).

Then I moved house and put everything on hold.

Fast forward to a completed jacket, and end of this path.

Thank you for walking along with me, and special thanks to my patient prodder, who knows who she is. . . . .

Changes included:

  • lengthening the sleeves (I don’t like 3/4 length)
  • no interfacing used (fabric was heavy enough; boy, did that take a while to decide)
  • I stitched in the ditch behind the collar (to anchor the facing)
  • sleeve hem facings were both short, which might have been caused when I cut the sleeve longer (but didn’t actually widen the sleeves)
  • couldn’t decide how to finish seam edges (tried overlocking in contrasting white but couldn’t decide, so haven’t done them all)

And that’s all I can remember at present. Am basically opposed to front facings not sewn down (they flap), but there’s no way this heavy denim is going to be hand-stitched in place. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope everyone has a restful weekend planned!


Also submitted for the 52 week photo challenge.


12 thoughts on “a sewing tale: the path to morris”

  1. Am I going bonkers Del? Did I miss this last year!? It really looks fab and I remember you making it but I don’t know I’ve read this before, but I’ve not like it so I’m thinking I mustn’t have. xx

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  2. The jacket looks great! I have also ummed and ahhed about getting this pattern after seeing so many great versions. I haven’t done it yet but it’s certainly on my radar. A great alternative to a cardigan I think. Your comment about storing fabric whilst you thought about it made me laugh because I do exactly the same thing! I’ve just brought out some fabric from the ‘deep stash’ because I think I’m finally ready to cut into it. It’s only been there for 2 years!

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    1. Thank you! Don’t know about being more creative than walking, as that can really clear out cluttered thinking. Pluses & minuses in both, perhaps. I do love a good walk, but don’t have such lovely footpaths nearby.


  3. Ah Del, what a novel take on “path”! The jacket looks great – love the stitching line around the hem! And you’re so right about the long and winding roads we take while sewing. 😉

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      1. Oh yes, 80’s too
        warm for jacket. It has been gorgeous here lately! Cooling off (again) and into next week, but it will be a great day to walk to the polls. I’ll be there when they open at noon!

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          1. Lots of counties in NY didn’t open till noon. Ok for us, as we are semi-retired, but it could have made the process difficult for working people. Heard there were lots of voters shut out (registrations issues, etc). Our party line was quite long, the “other side” was empty. 🙂

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