quick catch-up

Ripon & Fountains Abbey
Antiques Roadshow on telly & I’ve had time to look it up on my old map (2013, Ripon’s Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire – lush setting!)

Hello again!
Long-time, no-write.

Got a great part-time gig working at home, but with interesting hours. 😉
Lots of yummy (esoteric) research & reading, so all I’ve had time for is keeping up with everyone else.

And doing the odd bit of sewing.
My Morris is almost done, just finishing up facing details which I hope to complete shortly.

I’ve cut out a new pattern. It’s sort of a sweatshirt, but I’m using jersey.
Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend!

PS/ Just realized there’s a bit of a secret here. Anyone guess what it is?

Submitting for the 52 Week Photo Challenge.

12 thoughts on “quick catch-up”

  1. I love that you look up the Antique Roadshow locations on your map! My dad won’t watch TV, apart from 15 minutes of Antique’s Roadshow at a time, so I’ve seen a fair few episodes… Would love to hear more about your new job! xx

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    1. Hello, Lovely! Sorry, can’t do job deets as it’s confidential. And far too esoteric & uninteresting. Loved your latest post, but hadn’t had time to reply. Hope all’s well with you. xx


    1. Oh, my! Guess it is as it’s Yorkshire, where that Antiques Roadshow was filmed. Didn’t know about the Herriot/Alf connection. Thank you!


  2. Hmmm, very mysterious. I’ve a few ideas….your new job is so delicious, your new wardrobe items are for something very specific, OR your map is the hint? You are traveling? Tell us, tell us! 😀

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