friendly landscapes

friendly landscapes

Submitted for the WordPress and 52 week photo challenge from Nanacathydotcom,  Rainbow Junkie Corner,  The Aran Artisan & Wild Daffodil

21 thoughts on “friendly landscapes”

  1. agree with you about using photos of people that are unaware, luckily Russell, Meera and Elliot were happy for me to use their pics in my latest post but I worry if I don’t have permission.
    Your sewing room is so tidy, when I sewed a lot my Mum used to go mad with the projects I left out,

    1. Thank you so much for your comments!
      Let me share a little secret about that tidy-looking space: I shoved aside the Morris jacket I’m working on, and cropped out bits that still showed. 😉 Currently my cutting table is strewn with patterns & fabric in process of being considered for projects. Can’t be doing with Pinterest – it’s hands on por moi. 😀

  2. Very clever! I have named my sewing machine, and if/when I obtain a dressmakers dummy, I’ll be sure to name her, too. The Chicago cityscape is really pretty, and who wouldn’t be inclined to sink into that chair for a cup of tea?

    1. Thank you, Jen! How’re you getting on up there – more snow? I think of you every time the weather people mention your general area. Lately it’s been more snow & Canadian cold air. Hope all California tootsies are toasty.

      1. Thursday and Friday were warm and lovely. Right now it is in the 40’s, but mom and I had snow as we left Joanne’s about half an hour ago. Supposed tonight and tomorrow. My California people have toasty tootsies for sure. How is it going down in your neck of the woods?

        1. Lovely those 2 days, rain this AM, and quite windy but clear this afternoon. Temps hovering 60’s to 70’s, but will be getting much lower at night for next few days. After 3 years with positively freezing floors this winter’s thawed me out. But am realizing I miss not wearing layers & boots & having a proper snow. Forgot I did the South in college & didn’t care to stick around… What did you find at Joann’s? Anything good?

          1. We will be chilly for the next few days, snow tonight and all day tomorrow. Your 60’s and 70’s sound delightful!
            Didn’t find anything, this Joanne’s is a very neat and tidy store, but small inventory and mom was very tired. Was shopping for a large mat to cover my new cutting table (yay!) but they didn’t have any. Amazon to the rescue! Fabric shopping is planned for later in the week. 😀

          2. Interesting ~ the J here is much larger, fairly neat & tidy, with rows & rows of hobby/craft stuff but generally rather sketchy-to-poor selection of fabrics. (Not counting quilting cottons.) The J up in VA was small, like yours, but the opposite of neat & tidy. Not very welcoming! What size cutting mat did you order & from where? You know sells on & is owned by amazon, with HQ outside Atlanta… discovered that several years ago whilst chatting with one of their people. Hope tomorrow’s a good sewing/crafting day for everyone. Preferably with a cuppa to hand, in front of a warm fire!

          3. Quite a variety in the J chain, isn’t it? I’ve never been very impressed with the fabric quality overall. I ordered a 48 x 36 to cover 2 tables that are clamped together (48 x 48 total, but no mats that size). It’s temporary fix, but I like it! Have admin and some other chores tomorrow, but sewing on Tuesday!

          4. Agreed about overall J quality. Congrats on the cutting table! Know from my last place how debilitating that can be to one’s sewing. Ever been to Nyack? I think that’s where I ordered several pieces of fabric. Very nice people, but some disconnect between woman I talked with & owner who did shipping. Will look up the name if you’re interested. Good luck tomorrow ~ may all your stuff get done & snow not cause problems!

  3. This is such a fun way to interpret the two challenges. That chair does look very friendly to me, and I agree about machines that become friends, although I hadn’t thought about it that way before – nice!

        1. Brilliant! Why not team up with Ali coming over? She can have the sofa. Then we’ll all go look at fabric & craft stuff, and I’ll join you on your return!

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