question about my morris

gathering stitches in place at top of sleeves & 1 seam already unpicked

How snug are your sleeves?
Can you comfortably wear a long-sleeved tee underneath?

If you can, then I need to do some recalculating.

Admittedly, I’m experimenting with shoulder size in this toile. My current fix is the change from a ½” to a ¼” seams.

Otherwise, am progressing well, with the PDF instructions and the online sew-along.

Those online photos helped get good corners done, as you see below. 😉

This fabric wouldn’t take any of my usual markers, so I finally used a pencil, and made big dots. Too big.

Not a good thing.

Seeing how she held the fabric showed me just how much play there should be, and where. That, plus knowing the dot was supposed to be ½” from both edges made the fix easy. Three stitches removed on each side, and everything lined up perfectly.

Now about those sleeves . . . he-e-elp!

6 thoughts on “question about my morris”

    1. Thank you! Have the sleeves in plus assorted facing finishes. Over half complete & cooler weather coming, so it can get worn straight after completion.
      Fingers crossed!

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  1. Yes my sleeves were fine with a t shirt under – I probably sized up slightly as I often have shoulder issues and I wasn’t making a muslin (living dangerously!)


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  2. Looking forward to the finished jacket….have never made this (or any jacket for that matter in over 40 years) so cannot advise, but the tutorial looks very helpful and I’m sure you’ll have it completed in no time! 🙂

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