a chocolate dance

hershey:cadburg front labelAt this time of year, a Cadbury chocolate Easter egg meant imported, quality chocolate.

Not any more in the U.S.

Hershey bought the right to manufacture their version using the Cadbury brand.

This U.S. chocoholic would never associate “Hershey” and “quality.”

reviewing my  Cadbury adventure

About a month ago lovely Thimberlina sent a huge Cadbury Dairy Bar because “you don’t have proper chocolate over there.”

There’s a specialty candy store in a town near me. Curious about getting Cadbury locally, I called & talked to the owner.

She was amazed to hear (learnt from Natalie) Target was selling Cadbury bars. She couldn’t get any from her distributor, not even the traditional Easter eggs. Need to call her back because…

A couple days ago at Target I bought ($1.97 U.S.) a 3.5 oz “Cadbury Dairy Bar Fruit & Nut.”  It tasted. . . . eh, too sweet.

Yesterday I saw the Cadbury bar (insert) and bought it. At $2.29 US for 3.5 ounces I won’t purchase again. Taste: Tooo sweet… bin it.

Getting really curious, I did some searching, learnt Cadbury UK doesn’t list a “Royal Dark” bar, and started drawing my own conclusions.


Immediately checked my precious McVitie’s digestives box: “Made in the UK by McVities…” and NO “Distributed in US by…” like the Hershey stuff. (With McVitie’s at $4.99 a box, you betcha they’re precious & bought only on sale. grrr)

FYI, below are the ingredients (sourced: Cadbury & Hershey) for a bar they both list: the Dairy Bar, created in Britain by Cadbury in 1905.

Text links: E422, E476, PGPR


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46 thoughts on “a chocolate dance

  1. themateriallady

    I sent Cadburys chocolate to my daughter while she was a counsellor at an American summer camp as she was trying to convince the others that UK Cadbury wasn’t the same as U.S.. I’m not sure of the verdict but I know I found Hersheys second best. Since I discovered the really high cocoa dark chocolate I’m afraid I don’t even buy Cadbury any more.
    Now if anyone can tell me what happened to Caramac (which is disgusting but I love it) I would be their friend forever.

  2. jendavismiller

    What an interesting post! My mother remembers Cadbury and what we have in the states is just not the same. She is most disappointed. A lot of the packaged candy seems too sweet, and not very good quality to me.
    We have a great local candy maker, http://hedonistchocolates.com/ that makes the best chocolate candy, as well as sherbet and ice cream. Sensational! Hadn’t thought of them in a while. Now I must go there…..

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Ah! Another from across the pond who agrees with my personal view ~ give your mum a hug from me!
      With apologies to all flavoured & filled-loving chocoholics, am too much a purist, I’m afraid. Can’t be doin’ with much besides plain dark chocolate that’s not too sweet!

  3. felicia

    Well, I went to my “local”, that’s the mini-mart around the corner, and checked the cadbury chocolate bar packaging. No mention of Hershey’s, and the label says the bar is imported (by some company whose name I can’t remember). I also checked a Hershey bar wrapper, which says the bar is imported by Hershey Canada. I infer the Cadbury bar is imported from England.

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Thank you! BTW, will be looking out for that B5203 pattern you’ve used as it looks to be just the thing for casual days. Love straight-leg trews with pockets. 😀

          1. felicia

            So, the mild chocolate version has sugar, milk ingredients, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavours. That’s a pretty short list, but milk “ingredients” means they’re not actually using milk, which may be why they need so much sugar.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Must admit it took me weeks to get to Target, and I didn’t go just for chocolate. But since I was there… Will have to look at your local chocolatier. Thank you! 😀

  4. Lesley King

    Ever since Kraft bought Cadburys the recipe has changed to be a lot sweeter and filled with rubbish like palm oil (from non – sustainable sources). They’ve also tried to avoid paying almost any corporation tax in the UK. My small company of 30 employees paid more tax last year than Cadburys. The Quakers that set up Cadburys would be so disappointed

  5. jennyrecorder

    Cadbury’s in Australia is made here to a different recipe because of the weather. I find the European chocolates (apart from Droste) too fatty and they melt too quickly. Our Cadburys is harder, but I need to check out the palm oil thing because that will cross them off my list. It’s interesting that Hershey’s first listed ingredient is sugar, in Australia, the first ingredient is the main one, for me and chocolate, sugar should nevr be number 1!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Interesting that weather needs to be considered when talking chocolate. Probably too hot here for a British recipe without some alteration. But I agree with you & draw the line at making sugar the largest ingredient. Why US manufacturers have to pile sugar into everything from breads to canned veg is beyond me. Am sooo glad to know not every country does it.

  6. Thimberlina

    I just don’t get why it’s not made with the same recipe all,over the world? We may be having a little chocolate tasting tonight. I’ve had all 3 bars you send hidden (shock horror) and they are unopened!! We are all sat together (unusual) watching TV (cricket – not unusual) but they will have to turn the channel over if they want some of my chocolate. 🍫🍫🍫🍫

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      HE-he-hee! Good for you for having a good hidey-hole. Will await everyone’s thoughts on their comparison tastings!
      Your chocolate would probably melt over here, considering how much warmer we are almost all the year. Does seem they could make a better try…😳

      1. Thimberlina

        It’s quite funny here at the minute – H has just finished searching the whole house! Obviously not quite the whole house as he’s not found it! Hee hee, I’m off to bed soon, don’t think he’ll look with my patterns so they’re safe 😀

  7. Su Leslie

    I stopped buying Cadbury’s chocolate when they stared using Palm oil instead of cocoa solids. I also find most mainstream chocolate way too sweet. Luckily we have a wonderful local chocolate company in New Zealand called Whittakers! Best-chocolate-ever!

      1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

        Never cared for peanut butter with my chocolate, and hadn’t heard about Whittakers. What’s the slab like? Is it ground peanuts & chocolate? If available in dark chocolate I’d probably love it!


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