top o’ the morning!

Not exactly the right colour for St. Patrick’s Day, but I was delighted a few days ago to get this out, washed, and finally wearable, albeit just around the house.

Bought at a charity shop several years ago, it bleeds profusely in the wash, and is probably an older rayon, but it’s a nice rayon that can be worn loosely over other things, and is great for around the house.

The only “but” is the silly pocket someone stuck on the front. It’s so heavy it pulls everything out of line. Short of doing a lot of tricky unpicking, which I’m disinclined to do, it isn’t too fixable. What do you all think, Lovely & Discerning Fellow Sewers???

Only thing I can think of is to cut off the pocket bag and straight stitch around that opening, making it more of a design element. I hope.

What else did I do to this? Free-cut off a badly ripped cuff on one side, leaving the cutout areas where the closing used to be, and rounded off the bottom hem. Nothing bears too close scrutiny, so it’s definitely not for “special” wear! It’s good to have one less thing on the mend pile, and another topper in the closet.

Brody & CadburyAs you can see, I found a bit of Cadbury from across the pond  at Target,  as suggested by transplant Natalie, of Sunday Sevens.

Can’t say how true the flavour is to the ‘real” version, but can say it’s definitely much creamier than any U.S. chocolate I ever ate. Wish they’d had other varieties to try.

Just as I get this topper wearable again, record-breaking high temps arrive.  Did I ever mention how much I don’t like heat & humidity? Oh. Harumph.

sewing room curtain
curtain & matching table topper

A good reason for lying (laying?) low, and not doing much until after nightfall.  But the second Brody mystery came in, so I can be “passively active.”

Considering all the ironing I did before it got so hot I can be lazy & still feel virtuous.   hehehehee!

When I sew up a curtain, I prefer as simple a style as possible, and today’s newly hung version is no exception. Unlined at the moment, it will probably get lining, and might even be hung by clip-on rings. Will decide after living with this a bit.

I keep curtains for years, and sometimes re-use them for different things. The simpler the style, the easier it is to re-use elsewhere. After all, a stored curtain is stashed fabric. 😉

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  1. Thank you, Jess ~ glad I’m not the only one using curtains! Unpicking the pocket would take some time, and leave that slit. I’d rather be lazy with this upcycle & keep it more grunge-wear. 😉 Will try to send you some warmer weather… ☀️☀️☀️


  2. I love using curtains as fabric too! They’re usually good quality fabric and I’ve found some really funky 60s and 70s style ones that I’ve sewn up into skirts. Would it take too long to unpick the pocket? I have to say, I don’t mind unpicking as it’s one of those repetitive activities that you don’t have to think about too much. Glad you found some cadbury’s! I’ll swap your warm weather for our chilly March anytime 🙂 x

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  3. Thank you! Have done the cutting off, and am now deciding whether to do more finishing, as the front flaps about a bit. So glad you’re a bit warmer. We’re gradually getting a bit cooler.

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  4. Good for you! I’m not that good, and frequently opt for cocoa. Just writing about Cadbury in US (aka, Hershey). Would love it if you’d check the back of a Canadian wrapper for “Hershey” in any context. Here it’s “distributed by” which means made by. 😐


  5. It’s actually warmed up here a little although it’s all relative 😉
    I think just cutting off the pocket on the inside would work too, hopefully no one will be inspecting your innards! 😉

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  6. He-he-hee! What d’ja have for breakfast today?! 😉 Is the Canadian version made in Canada by Hershey? Or in the UK by Cadbury?? Preparing to reveal more Cadbury news after today’s big shop…


  7. Cadbury chocolate is standard fare up here in Canada. I like the fruit and nut version. I also love detective novels, and I’m sure I’ve heard of Kate Shackleton, but not the author. This is now driving me nuts. Plus, I haven’t had breakfast yet, but am thinking of popping around the corner for some chocolate.

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  8. Thank you, Robyn! Yes, this this Cadbury is a milk chocolate. I also love dark chocolate as I don’t like sugary things either, but this isn’t quite the American sugariness. Why not try one, if you see them at your local Target, and let us know what you think.

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  9. I thought of the same solution as Ali for the pocket. It should be a quick simple fix. Is the Cadbury chocolate a milk chocolate? I am not a fan of American milk chocolate as it is too sugary. I love dark chocolate. And I love your curtain (and table topper) very cheery.

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  10. ‘And the rest of the day to yourself!’
    That’s what my grandad used to say after we said ‘top o the morning ……’ He was one top Irish man, my mum’s dad.
    How about just stitching the pocket closed, chopping it off at the back and neatening it up? 😃

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