sunday sevens #7

Natalie at Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday. Why not check out her post & try one, or a few, yourself?

I do my own version ’cause I like playing around with fonts & photo arrangements. But you can do yours any way you like. You can always look at a few examples from other sewing bloggers for more design ideas. 😉

Links from today’s edition:     Quilt store       Joann’s       Sew Deputy       trousers       Kona cotton       Maggie Righetti (US)   &   (UK)    

Sunday 7's


17 thoughts on “sunday sevens #7”

  1. Fabulous fabrics there! I especially love the peacock print and the indigo! Lovely spring flowers, too. You’ve been very productive, I’m impressed, and just a tad envious… 😉
    ps – I owe you a phone call in the next couple of days.

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    1. Not to worry! Phone here goes off at the slightest provocation, so don’t worry if you get an eternal ring-no-answer, or busy. Hard to believe Time-Warner is in the 21st century.


  2. That peacock rayon is just so gorgeous, I love it! The camelia and the tulips are looking beautiful too, you’re making me want to take a trip to the botanic gardens and roll around in the flowers. Good luck with knitting! It’s one of the few crafts I’ve never really tried xx

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  3. Looks like I’m with the majority too drooling over the peacock fabric. You’ve been soooo busy, sounds like my kind if week! I always have to google casting on. My mum always cast on for me when I was at home. 😃

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  4. Oh, that peacock fabric – it’s to die for! I procrastinate forever about jobs I loathe doing, especially mending, so well done on that front.

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