summer in march?

summer trousers
summer trousers

Our weather just went from Sunday’s mid-50’s (around 12℃) to Tuesday’s 77℉ (25℃). Normal’s in the mid-60’s.

Last night I dug out those lovely summer donations from my friend, Ms. Karen, for a quick launder. Now to get out the blouses.

Backtracking a bit: After realizing my winter wardrobe had 1 solid blue sweater (jumper) I’d been looking for solid blue fabrics for tops for over a month, with no success.

Now look at the trousers on the left.

Cue theme from Jaws .  .  .  .

Me Made May approacheth, the month of wardrobe reckoning . . . and I’m not ready.  😳

Karen from Did You Make That advises, Never make orphans (a piece that doesn’t coordinate with something else in your wardrobe). Great advice. Unfortunately following it is proving difficult.

Problem is there are so many gorgeous patterns and neh-va the correct (dare I write “boring”?) solid colour I need.

What to do .   .     .

quilt shop
quilt shop

New decor being almost as high a priority as wardrobe, friend & fellow sewer Ms. Karen & I went to the quilt shop where I got my fabric last week. I wanted to get more for a curtain, and maybe something else for a couple of pillows.

Then we decided to have lunch over in the area where there’s a large Joann’s, and look around afterward. It was almost a repeat of our trip last December, but this time I found more than just pillows, thanks to Ms. K’s eagle eye & our similar taste in colours.

to be continued!


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6 thoughts on “summer in march?”

  1. I’m so jealous of your warm weather! Winter seems to be dragging out here and I still have the heating on. The patterned fabrics are all so pretty! It does make sense to wear soid colours with patterns but sometimes I just can’t help myself so I clash patterns instead. Fabric shopping is so much fun – I’m glad you had a good time! xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message. I’m jealous of your cold weather & dearth of creepy crawlies! Have been known to clash a few patterns meself, and never thought a thing about it. Have fun with your clothes!

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  2. Lovely summer trousers! (Yay, Spring!) Althou, I must admit that I am a bit nervous of what type of summer we will be facing with this sudden onset of super warm weather…..sigh. Enjoying it just the same.

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