sunday sevens #6

Natalie at Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens.

Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday.

Links from today’s edition: Yorkshire Spoolettes        Amanda’s blog post    Authors Ann Cleeves & Frances Brody

Sunday 7's


10 thoughts on “sunday sevens #6”

  1. Lovely camellia! They are just old-fashioned and sweet, aren’t they? I don’t think we have them around here and I miss them. The Brody books look intriguing, will check one out. You’ve done well managing with the “hit & miss” weather!

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      1. Hawthorne? I have no idea, will look them up. Lilacs! Yes, we have millions of them and they are spectacular! My resident library man (hubby) is looking for it as we speak, er type. 😉

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  2. What a beautiful flower! I hope you did something fun for world book day in the end 🙂 It managed to slip by without me noticing but I have fond memories of dressing up as my favourite literary characters every year as a child x


  3. Not heard of those books, will have to take a look. If you looked up when we visited Dewsbury there were some beautiful old buildings, love old buildings and the history behind them 🙂

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