zero farenheit & zero centigrade
my freezer thermometer

Was coming up with zero for this challenge, but just had a thought, and voila ~ not 1, but 2 zeros, both
Fahrenheit (top) and Centigrade (bottom).

Although it’s not zero outside, there’s Arctic air coming into our region this weekend.

With those low temps you need a good scarf. Just so happens I’ve got a gorgeous octopus scarf  from some gorgeous yarn that Ali, aka Thimberlina, sent over from West Yorkshire.

Used her directions, but decided to use the 6.5mm (K) crochet hook, and didn’t count stitches. Did I tell you sometimes I’m a lazy crocheter?

(click any pic to go to larger versions)

As I was watching that new ITV series she mentioned, I was dividing me concentration. Am I feeling guilty? Not a bit!

Now trying to decide if there’s enough yarn left for a hat . . . there’s an entire ball plus the remainder of this one. . . and a couple more episodes of Jericho for me to watch, he-he-hee!

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  1. Aye, understand’ya luv & backtracking a bit… the white 4-ply wool was thick yarn so I did the same, just the 1 chain & not back over it. But I kept looking at your photo and scratching me head cause mine didn’t look right. But wearing it was fine. By the second one, I’d forgotten about the going back, so didn’t. Had waaay too much yarn left, didn’ah 😉


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