sunday sevens #2

Dear Readers, hope you don’t mind if I do 7 piccies the easy way for me, which (hopefully!) is just as easy for you.

(If it’s not, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll switch back to grappling with wordpress.)

Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens.

Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday. How easy can that be!

Edited to include direct links that are below: Thimberlina,  Sew Happie, and The Yorkshire Spoolettes

Sunday 7's



20 thoughts on “sunday sevens #2”

  1. What a lovely summary! Yorkshire Gold is also my tea of choice 🙂 Not that I eat chocolate anymore, but you can’t beat dairy milk! The yarn is so pretty too, and the clothes pegs. I hope you’re having a beautiful week x

  2. I am extremely envious of your care package from Ali! Yorkshire Tea & Dairymilk are my absolute favourites, especially if you dip the chocolate into the tea 😀 Have you got any plans for the yarn?

      1. Luckily we still have a little of our own regular Yorkshire Tea stashed up 🙂 Not Yorkshire Gold though…I may have to order some! I also found Dairymilk in our local Target, though it’s not exactly the same as the stuff from the UK!

        1. Glad you’ve still got your stashed Yorkshire, Natalie, and thanks for the word of Target’s Dairymilk. Am curious enough about the difference to go & buy one, just to taste & see.

  3. This is a great format, Del! You have a wonderful surprise there from Ali; Cadbury is one of my mom’s favorites. Looks like your walking area is lovely! So nice to see the white narcissus – it’s beautiful and a harbinger of spring – hooray!

  4. That’s a bit of a posh way of doing your Sunday Sevens! I’d have thought that would take longer than the conventional way, but was easy to read, seen as you were asking! Seems funny seeing the little parcel over with you!!I can’t eat the strong dark chocolate, unless on biscuits! 🙂

    1. For me it’s easier to zip my pics around anywhere on the page, knowing text will fill in. Can’t be as precise with WordPress, as least I can’t. If I’m just not in the know, somebody please clue me in!
      (Did years of production work & developed habits.) I have a template – hehe! And pop things in whenever, convert over to jpg & upload easily.
      Being lazy, luv, not posh!
      Lol! Missing anything too much? Might send it back if you’re real lonesome! 😉
      Seriously, seriously loving every bit of it & send you loads of warm hugs for thinking of me! M-wah!

  5. What a lovely thoughtful parcel from Ali, it must have been a wonderful surprise! Apparently, UK milk choclolate has to have at least 25% cocoa solids whereas the US Hershey kind only has to have 10% – hence the difference in taste. The majority of Europe insist on 40% though, so turn their nose up at Dairy Milk! I must admit, we eat chocolate very rarely and it has to be 70% and very bitter:)

    1. Thank you, Sheila!
      Yes, and that explains why Americans are willing to pay extra for chocolate that’s more like Europe’s.
      Professional chocolatiers here have learnt they need to be very specific about cocoa solids content when they give a recipe for anything chocolate, or advertise their chocolates.

      Haven’t ever cared for Hersey’s or most other “chocolate” bars here, but have learnt I enjoy a good real chocolate (European definition) whether it’s milk or dark. And I’m one of those Americans that do pay extra for “proper chocolate” over here.

      1. I think another part of the change in taste in chocolate is that we really don’t have to worry about it melting over here in the UK. I know the chocolate in the Caribbean tastes very different as they add stuff to it to change its melting point. I believe that the US has a similar additive along with the other differences.
        That and a strange liking for Lipton’s yellow label tea which shouldn’t be allowed to be labelled as tea, we had a box of it on ship from when we were in the Caribbean and still had it left about two years later (and we can go through a bag of 1000 PG tips tea bags in about a week!

        1. You’ve got it, right & proper ~ thank you!
          It’s the additives to keep from melting over here that make the taste difference. And more proper chocolatiers (there are some over here, although few & far between) just keep everything refrigerated at optimum temp.

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