groundhog tuesday

before re-organising
blue: offending drawers
red: bathroom, see below
yellow: rubbish lighting everywhere & can’t edit yellow colour out of piccies

Supposedly on 2 February, a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil “predicts” whether Spring will come early or late. This year PP favoured early. Hope he’s right.

My prediction is more sewing, because I got back into my storage closet.   (embarrassed & red-faced)

Seems my original arrangement didn’t take into account that some of the drawers slide forward all by themselves. (See blue arrows on left at bottom)

If you close the door and any of the drawers decide now’s the time to slide, that door won’t open ‘cause there’s an open drawer full of fabric right behind it, with more drawers sitting next to it so you can’t push your way in.

Harrumph. 😠

The new year started. I had other urgent things for Maintenance.

  • My Jungle January fabric aged Behind The Door.
  • It snowed.
  • 6 days later Maintenance finished shoveling.

Monday my antique-loving friends Ms Karen & Mr Gary came by. I figured with their knowledge of old tools, they might have just the right solution.

They did. Karen got things started, and Gary finished up. Result: OPEN DOOR ! ! ! Thank you!💕 Thank you!  😍

Then they took a look at my cutting table’s extra leaf, which I can never get inserted. It took three of us tugging, and a bar of soap to grease the swelled wood, but it’s in now!

Last night I measured & penciled in changes for my draft Morris. Whilst doing that, thought of a better way to Frankenpattern the Jungle January fleece.

A great start for February!

8 thoughts on “groundhog tuesday”

  1. Sounds productive! I love to have things organised and all in the right place, otherwise it’s hard to focus on other things. Spring has definitely come early over here. The daffodils and snowdrops came out in our unusually warm January, but it’s so frosty now I’m afraid they’re all going to die xx

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  2. I always enjoy a good ‘getting organised’ post, you’re almost inspiring me to do some myself… I’m disappointed I missed JJ too, next year I need to buy my fabric in December, so it’s there ready and waiting.

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  3. Thank you! The neat thing about the table is after you remove the leaves, it folds up into half a card table size. Yes, I feel sorry for the furry fellow, too. 😀


  4. Great start to a new month…isn’t the ground hog day prediction just plain silly. We are officially halfway thru Winter (period) The poor rodent gets pulled from his slumber to give people something to break up the cabin-fever, I guess. ** I really like your table!!!

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  5. Admirable job on the closet! (Must admit to a bit envy for its size) And what might become of the jungle fleece fabric? Waiting to see what cozy goodness you come up with!


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