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holly in snowSunday Sevens was thought up by Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do one every week. You don’t even haaave to post on Sunday, although it’s nice. (Sorry I’m late – finishing laundry.)

The highlight of my week was Saturday’s chat with Ali of Thimberlina, who was up in northern England for a family do. We read each other’s blogs so had plenty to talk over. Ta, Lovely One!

Have been meaning to include a wintery photo from last weekend’s snow (still around in small, dirty piles amongst the hedges), so there’s a holly tree viewed from my patio.rock buns

I feel it’s truly Winter weather when I can pull a pan of rock buns out’the oven, but am learning this oven’s a bit hotter than I’m used. (rueful grimace) However, ginger’s still ginger, and I loaded this batch, so they’re still grand eating.

Did a batch of minor mending including adding clear elastic to the shoulder seams of this too wide blouse, gifted from Ms. Karen. I love the corduroy collar, and the sleeves, for once, are just the right length. The body is heavy Indian cotton in great colours for me wardrobe.

shoulder adjustment 1`

Speaking of which… In this bigger place I have a walk-in closet for clothes. It’s probably bigger than the loo in my last place, and 5 times bigger than the closet! Sorted through a few bags that needed it, and did a clean-up. It’s great to be able to see everything arranged by colour!

the cutting tableOn the cutting table is the ready-for-initial-fitting Morris, and a bit of the Grainline Hemlock. It’s a free pattern that I’m toying with, but would change the neckline (smaller). Have a few concerns about the overall baggy fit, so am not rushing… Ali had a great suggestion: Instead of sticky tape, use stick glue.

a rectangular closetred sunset + puffy white cloudsSunday’s sunset was so vivid I had to include it, although not the greatest photo (the zoom on this little camera isn’t good).

Watched the rest of  Greggs “More Than Meats the Pie,” and will leave off with episode 1. Mondays should start with a smile, a cuppa, & a bun from Gregg’s!   😀Cheers, Lovelies!  ☕️


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  1. Meant to say didn’t realise you were a Greggs Best Customer! You’d mentioned the name in a blog post & I couldn’t tell what it was, so looked it up. To my surprise & delight saw this 8-part series ~ bonus! When are they crossing the pond??! 🍰 ☕️


  2. Hope you can have your closet! Can’t guarantee how long it’ll stay organised, but shall try. 😉 No post today, but just emailed you some piccies.


  3. I’ve just watched a bit of your Greggs, and I can’t believe I’ve not seen it, given that I’m THE best customer, and a highlight of 2015 which I forgot to post in my review was the resurrection of the cream apple turnover! I shall add it to my watch list for quiet shifts. Will your closet stay so tidy! I’m hoping to have something like that when we have our work done. 😀

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  4. Interesting how differently planning departments are from one country to another. Here this sort of thing isn’t at all unusual. If you see any of the diy home improvement cable programmes from here or Canada, you’ll see. 😉

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  5. When we had our extension we applied for a walk-in wardrobe, but the planners said no, we had to take the house back 5ft. We had built in ones made instead, but they’re not the same, so I’m very envious!

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