sleepy saturday

Hello,  Lovely Readers!

Interesting week here on the Eastern Coast ~ sunshiney until yesterday. Hope all flooding had time to recede, because it rained again.

Got out some curtains from 2 living rooms ago, after visiting & being inspired by a neighbour. They’re a tad long . . . actually, more like 20 inches. The yardage is light-weight, so a tension rod will hold them up. Decided to give them a try because of the less-than-gorgeous sight out the windows. They’re south-facing, so there’s lots of light.

(click a pic to see larger versions & captions, or scroll cursor over [called hovering] for captions)

Have about finished my cream ski cap, using a very old pattern from the 1970’s, and hope to get going on a sample of Ali’s (Thimberlina) latest crochet project, the Octopus Scarf.

Hope you all have lovely things planned for your weekend!


vintage sunshine !


11 thoughts on “sleepy saturday

  1. jendavismiller

    Very nice! And speaking of curtains, I need some! I’ve been scouring websites, etc to find just the perfect ones (for mama’s bathroom first). Why don’t I make them????? How difficult can it be? Thanks for the inspiration, Del!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Just referring to the style of the cap, Lovely! Never been interested in down hill slides at excessive speeds, but might have learnt moderate cross-country… would rather be curled up in a snug with a nice hot cuppa.

          1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Did you put the link in your post? Realized after reading downwards a bit that I’ve a wild piece of fleece and need another fleece hat… so guess I could, if I can get to that fabric. Still have a lot of maintenance things to get scheduled, and errands to run. It’s turning colder, so curtains, etc., are shifted up the To Do list… Want some more excuses?! 😀 Lol!

          2. Thimberlina

            Haha! No there’s enough there to be going on with!! A hat would be fab! There’s a link to one of the posts st the top next to the fabric 😃

          3. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Though thorough you had included a link, so will check it out. But still have 1 more post to comment upon . . . yours from yesterday!

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