keeping a hand in . . .

Just so y’all know I haven’t forgotten about sewing . . .


Coletterie’s Seamwork issue has been released and there’s a yummy article about places to see and shop in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.Β  It’s also available on the author’s site.

If wishes were jets, I’d be well on my way over right now!

From second hand book shops to museums to charity shops to real fabric stores to restaurants, this sounds like a wonderful city to at least visit, if not reside in.

Seamwork also has some features on exercise clothing, which I should study, having good intentions in that direction.

It’s Friday, so plan a little jaunt for yourself this weekend. Sit down with your favourite cuppa, and browse. Be inspired!

Don’t know about you, but my fabric stash still needs reducing.


16 thoughts on “keeping a hand in . . .”

  1. I’m from Edinburgh but even I learned about some new cool places in the Seamwork magazine. Course for some of those places I’ll need to grow a beard, wear skinny jeans and cycle a fixie πŸ˜€

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  2. Not much sewing going on my end either 😦 Still doing festive, relative-visiting so not complaining too much though. If wishes were jets… Love this idea. Just bought a lottery ticket too Thimberlina, so here’s hoping!

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    1. Good luck to you both with those tickies!
      Was wrapping up my German ornaments last night, and can now estimate the size box I need just for Christmas things… aside from the other holiday things, you understand. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. My brother lives there so I visit fairly often. I still haven’t been to a single fabric shop though! Next time maybe!

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  4. We went to Edinburgh a couple of years ago. Stunning city and a few fabric shop! I’m hoping to win the lottery tonight so will be sending your plane tickets shortly πŸ˜€

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