de-clutterings & gatherings

Finally! Three days of winter temps. Makes me feel like gathering those boxes up & going to recycling (see stuffed cart on left!).

My winter wardrobe consisted of a few dodgy baggy fleece items and LL Bean lined jeans. I had planned serious sewing once feet & sewing machine hit the ground.

What I didn’t know was my lovely & generous friend Karen was going to de-clutter her closet.

You know the drill: One day you tear into your closet and toss out everything that doesn’t fit, you don’t like, or you never wear.

Then you call a bestie with your colouring & approximate size and give her first choice.

And that, Dear & Lovely Readers, is how I suddenly acquired a Wonderful Winter Wardrobe of great designer labels, and some great Spring/Summer items, too.

Today I gathered a few of these treasures together to share ~ click any pic to see enlargements & captions.

There are also about half a dozen plain black trousers in various fabric weights.

Ain’t Ms. Karen the greatest?!


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10 thoughts on “de-clutterings & gatherings”

  1. Fab! Because we all have children of slightly different ages in my department at school, we often pass a bag of no-longer-fitting children’s clothes on to each other. My daughter loves trying everything on when it’s her turn to get one, so I can well believe your delight at rec’ing this 🙂

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    1. What a fab idea for children’s things! ‘Clothes is clothes,’ if you take my meaning, and it’s delightful to be able to pass something along to someone else who can use it. Sharing the pleasure is delightful fun!

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      1. I think we all look forward to our turn for a bag and a lovely way to recycle. I’ve spent most of the afternoon sorting out my daughter’s wardrobe and drawers out, so one all ready to pass on in January.

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