oopses & successes

What a mixed bag this week’s been, and not over yet! Time to catch up, and thank you Lovely Readers again for suggesting that sandwich test. The plates came home empty, and not because there weren’t a lot of delicious choices at the party.

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At the same event, we had been asked to bring contributes for members of a young women’s group we’re sponsoring this year. In addition to store-bought socks, I included a fleece scarf, sewn up quickly on faithful Bernie, who made the move beautifully. It took more time to trim the two cut edges of the fleece than it did to sew up, but boring telly made the task pass quickly!

Yesterday morning delightful crafting friend Karen called: Did I want to go shopping? Hmmm, does a mouse like cheese?

After a mammoth grocery run ~ I’m still restocking ~ and making certain frozen items were well insulated ~ we stopped in a few more places. . .

Then home for more unpacking and sorting. The good news is all the small moving boxes went to recycling, along with some of the paper and all the plastic wrap. The remaining medium & large boxes and paper will go next, after today’s rain. Good day for more rationalising…

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    1. Thank you so much, Teresa! Got all the plain newsprint out yesterday, stuffed into 4 of those large black plastic bin liners. Now the most diffy – those medium & large boxes. They won’t fit in my nifty shopping cart so am not certain how to handle them… one-at-a-time, I guess… As one person said at the recycling area last night, “It’s the way of the world.” That’s right!

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