i’m ba-a-ack!

Didja miss me, Dear & Delightful Readers?  I sure missed you ! ! !

I’ve been moving downward slightly to North Carolina, visiting friends, and buying just a couple new pieces of fabric.

You know how that goes, I’m sure. (WINK: what happened to our emoticons?)

A quick summary in piccies, then have to unpack more.

(please click to go to larger piccies & titles)

Submitted as part of the WordPress Photo Challenge.


13 thoughts on “i’m ba-a-ack!

  1. jendavismiller

    Yes! Welcome back! Fabulous foliage colors. And great fabrics, whatever will they become? (my daughter lived in Charlotte for a while…..) Hope your move was pleasant, and all goes well as you settle in. 🙂

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thanks so much, Jen! Haven’t gotten to Charlotte yet. Dd your daughter like it? Was afraid I’d missed the foliage both in Virginia & here, with all the moving preoccupations, but am so grateful that there are still so many different trees/colours down here.
      As for the fabrics’ final form, a week ago I knew absolutely. But now other ideas are occurring… know what I mean?! Lol! 😉

      1. jendavismiller

        Oh, Del, my daughter is a California girl through and through. They were living at the beach when they moved to Charlotte for work; they wisely kept their jobs in the wings. While they loved lots about the city, they didn’t stay too long. Now they’re back at the beach and I’m just wishing they’d come to NY with me. HA!
        I do understand about the fabric plan…..change is good?

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Yes, change can be good as our thoughts expand. (I just have to be sure I don’t procrastinate!) Interesting about your daughter’s CA preferences. Understandable, particularly at her age. But NY… that would have possibilities. Have a cuz in Ithaca I’ve never visited. Pardon if I’m asking again, but are you upstate, too?

          1. jendavismiller

            Some people call it upstate, but technically I believe we are in western NY – Rochester…about 100 miles north and west of Ithaca (what a pretty place that is!), bordering Lake Ontario. I really love it here, so much to do!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you sooo much for all your thoughts! I’ve missed you, too, and managed to keep up with several blog, just couldn’t comment.
      Am knee deep in wrapping paper & boxes at the mo, but sticking with it as some necessities got thoroughly hidden away. Like bath soap & shampoo, dish washing liquid, but I did find the laundry detergent just now. So there’s hope!


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