an adventure!

will this season see a skirt out of this piece of rayon???
will this season see a skirt from this ornately decorated rayon?! we shall see!

Dear & Lovely Readers ~

I’m starting an adventure this weekend, which I’ve been preparing for furiously.

That’s why things may have been a bit scatty.

All will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile…. I’ll be staying with my lovely friend Karen.

You can search on CurlsnSkirls for references to her and to all the craft & sewing goodies stashed around her place.

My kind of heaven!

Meanwhile, hope you all have a lovely weekend and week!

xx del


Submitted for WordPress Photo Challenge.

10 thoughts on “an adventure!”

      1. Lovely to hear from you Del, I’ve been thinking about you and hoping all is going smoothly. I’ve just worked the last 3 days and feel like I’m behind with everyone’s news, so you must have lots to catch up on! X


        1. Well, you’re just missing 3 days, whilst I’m missing 3 weeks… Managed to at least get to some Likes last night completed, within hours of being back on-line, but have many boxes, laundry & sorting through before I can really concentrate on sewing. But there are these gifties, and I do have a bit more holiday fabric to play with… 😘


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