taking a break ~

Remember this shirt?

I saw a video (also below ~ this time it inserted) last week that got me thinking about things I might like to change . . . sleeve length & those darned cuffs, amongst other things.

Managed to get the pocket safely removed last week. As I well know from other efforts on other fabrics, that’s sometimes a lot harder than it sounds. pocket

Chopping off those cuffs might be next, for stress relief if nothing else!

Miss everyone, but things are winding up tight here with sewing definitely last on any list.

Heigh, ho. This too will pass.

Watercolor Inspirations for South Sea Imports ca 1995Meanwhile, made time to change over to my fav Autumn table topper, and looked at the selvage info: “Watercolor Inspirations” by Pat Margaret & Donna Slusser for SSI (South Sea Imports).

There was no date, so I sleuthed a bit and discovered these two quilters published at least 2 books about their quilts, appeared on a quilting TV show in the mid-to-late 1990s, and were apparently well-known and regarded.

Mid-1990’s is about when I found this fabric. It’s held up quite well, moving from West Coast to Mid-West to East Coast, coming out most Autumns to be enjoyed again. Ah, the delights of a favourite piece of fabric . . .

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