sewing, sorting, & baking

Well, I could blame it on witness 2 fashion

She did a great post about pyjamas!

But truth be told, have been thinking about them since Ali’s jumpsuit challenge in May somehow combined in my head with my 2 pair of sleep shorts (here & here) that I’ve worn constantly (indoors only!) this summer.

After making that third pair (top), it seemed natural to give a whole outfit a try. If I could just get back to finishing this blouse’s sleeves… Definitely don’t want to keep that neck binding, either. Too stiff by half! Meanwhile, mending summer & getting out transitional continues. . . 😴

Decorating for Autumn? Hallowe’en? Look at all the lovely patterns over on Pattern Patter.

Spent time last week sorting & labeling haberdashery and fabrics. Makes  final fabric sorting much easier. (click a pic to see the whole photo)

Thinking about baking? Know I am, partly because we’re finally getting to see “The Great British Bake Off.” But . . .

In their infinite wisdom (?), American public broadcasting services (pbs) is airing seasons chronologically. Backwards. And they re-named the programme: The Great British Bake Off is “The Great British Baking Show” over here.

Here’s a key to what’s what on our side of the pond.

  • British Series 5 was shown here as Series 1 in early 2015, and is currently being re-run.
  • British Series 4 is currently showing in U.S. as Series 2.

I discovered that both Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have written scads of cook books, and both have lots of listings on YouTube.

Wednesday is the official start of Northern Hemisphere’s cooler seasons, and it can’t begin soon enough for me! How about you?

Edited to add: If you haven’t seen Did You Make That’s post today, do! It’s all about fitting.


10 thoughts on “sewing, sorting, & baking

  1. jendavismiller

    Fascinating pyjamas indeed! They are far more elegant than any going-out clothing I own. Love the 30s fashions. Apparently American television needed to re-name the BakeOff to Baking Show to allow the reordering of the series. Sheesh. I guess one would just have to record and watch in reverse?
    Love your organizing skills. Something for me to look forward as I start acquiring patterns and fabrics and notions and such!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you! Sorry about any confusion over the British program. It is a series. It began in England in 2010. PBS over here has bought a couple of old seasons to show over here as if they’re new. They are to Americans, but in Britain, they’re several years old. Each series has 10 episodes and they are being shown in their correct order.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      You’re very kind, but please don’t be impressed. Frustration was the Mother of Invention. It’s the only thing that keeps me (somewhat) sane and saves endless searching, often ending in … 😢

  2. sewchet

    What a great, informative post – I shall go and check out those links. I’m not a fan of any shows with judges as I think it can spoil the creativity and enjoyment. Do the contestants ever look anything other than stressed? I like the content though, so perhaps should tape the shows and fast forward through the judging bits:)

  3. Anne W

    I love the Bake Off, but it’s always on a teaching night! I have to make sure no-one at home gives anything away until I’m able to catch up online, then we can discuss! You’re missing some good stuff if they’re only starting at Series 4…

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Possibly there are copies on YouTube, so guess I might check that out… have learnt so much just from watching the few we’ve seen over here.
      Your cooking is AMAZING! And such a mix of all ethnicities!! Not much baking goes on over here, even with mixes. It’s fast food, canned & pre-cooked stuff. Ugh!


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