a bit of summing up

Thought there’d be a post about a blouse (Butterick 5432) to match the rayon pedal pushers (left) I love so much. Had enough fabric & decided I needed one.

But sadly no, other events overtook it before I got the sleeves finished & a piccie taken.

Will make do with some bits & pieces ~ although to be fair, there’s been mending going on, but I shan’t bore you with that.  LOL!



Another idea for that digital pink …

Do you think something similar to the Stardust Skirt from Decades of Style would work?

Tanya, over at Mrs. Hughes, has a fantastic version that got me thinking.

If you use IG (I don’t but peek every blue moon), here’s another

Don’t know that I’d cut out & appliqué the pattern, as I’m always pushed for time (and basically lazy). 😉

the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep
the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep

However, the 30″ skirt length would definitely allow for the pattern’s height.

I’d place the skirt panels along the pattern’s bottom edge, similar to their layout, which gave me the idea.

Those pieces would need to be on the straight grain, but hopefully I could position them very close together.

Do you think it would work?

Am still dithering, but leaning, definitely leaning . . .

What’s up for my weekend? Who knows!

Hope yours will be relaxing and productive.


Update: Just posted some city photos over on my other blog…

6 thoughts on “a bit of summing up”

  1. Don’t know about your pins question. Might be just preference. The weights I used here are large washers from the hardware store (he-hee).
    Thank you for your comment on a simplified skirt! Am sooo tempted…..


  2. I think you’re right to keep it simple with the skirt (not lazy, it will showcase the fabric). You’re very brave to tackle that border print, and can’t wait to see it made it – it’s so gorgeous. And a random comment….do the pattern weights work better than pins to keep the fabric from slipping around? It seems you wouldn’t be moving it so much as you do when cutting around the pins (or maybe I’ve just been pinning too close to edge). Been toying with the idea of getting some…

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  3. The Stardust is a pretty pattern, but if you want your pattern to run smoothly around the bottom edge, I’d stay away from a pattern with too many flared panels. Perhaps a 70s stye midi-length with just four panels, cut with the grain down the centre of each panel?

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