shades of digital

This is the first digitally printed fabric I’ve worked with, and it’s quite striking. Digital printing as in dots . . .

How to deal with it is a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of piccies today. Hope you don’t mind.

I took ’em because they help me see things differently, and sometimes provide answers to problems. Is it the same with your own sewing?

Must admit I don’t do much with matching prints, so haven’t a backlog of experience. But onward, fearless sewers, that hasn’t stopped us before ~ right?

First off, there’s the selvage at the bottom of the border print, that gives all sorts of clues to designer and manufacturer. Click the first photo to go to the close-ups & full views.

There should be some sort of hem, but because it’s a non-raveling edge I might just turn it up and hand stitch. What do y’all think? With maybe a light interfacing placed just the width of the hem for a bit more stability?

Still with me, I hope!

Saturday I laid the entire piece out on the carpet, and got quite enthused about the repeat of the pattern. Tell me what you think . . .  Click any photo to go to close-up & full views.

Moving on,  thought I’d concentrate on just a small piece of a pattern, getting in closer and closer, to see what that looked like. Looks as if dot printing was used here, don’t you think?  Click any photo (you know!). . .


Lastly, there are large patches at the top of the fabric, above the pattern, with little or no design, just colour fading (shading?) into another colour… matching that up as well as the print might be the most challenging bit, because it’s all been done so gradually. I don’t see any dots in these areas, do you?  Click … you know what to do!

Lastly, here's a piccie of the back pattern piece, imagine it folded over to the left and it takes almost the whole pattern.
Lastly, here’s a piccie of the back pattern piece, imagine it folded over to the left and it takes almost the whole pattern.

So. What’s been learnt?

  • This print looks like a lot of complicated work if I try to do matchy-matchy.
  • Should I even try?

That might be the better question, and right now I’m not wanting anything too complicated.

Phew! If you’ve stayed the course, THANK YOU!


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      1. Thanks, all is good, daughter no1 has finished uni now & is back home, daughter no 2 was shipped off mid-august to start her Uni life. It’s been odd, I had no routine for ages but managed some sewing. Now I need photos and blog posts.. Organised much?? 😉 Your fabric look fantasti though, good luck with it!

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  1. I think I’d be scared to cut into this, it’s stunning! Been having another look and a think. How much have you got of it and how wide is it? What about (and this might sound a bit adventurous, so it’s easy for me to say as I wouldn’t be doing it, lol) carefully cutting out the border, make something with the remaining fabric, then appliqué the border onto it. Or what about the battery I sent – it’s sleeveless so would fit on easier the front and back pieces? 😀

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    1. Thanks for reminding me, Ali. Meant to include size: about 2 metres long and 45″ wide. Yes, I could applique pieces onto front & back of that New Look 6871… hadn’t thought about that. Was concentrated on a one-size-fitting all idea… but still thinking!

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  2. Yes! Of course you should do it, this fabric is sensational! However, I don’t have a clue and will leave it to the other, more experienced sewists to advise you. I will just wait anxiously to see the finished product. 🙂

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