about that teal/green/turquoise rayon . . . the one with that 30’s pattern!

It’s Saturday, and a holiday weekend for the U.S., in honor of labor (labour for those in other countries).

It generally marks the unofficial/official end of summer: pools close, everyone in New York City & Chicago get out their (fake) furs, and everyone everywhere puts away summer straw hats, thongs, and shorts in favour of warmer things…

Not so everywhere, as more 90’s with corresponding humidity are forecast for the coming week.

Which makes me glad I finally got round to making these lounge pants-that-may-become-shorts, depending on how hot it gets and how I feel.

Believe it or not it was almost fun doing the French seams. Felt strange to stitch wrong sides together, and I almost got that curved seam wrong, but managed to bend my mind the right way to set things straight!

I took my time with this make, and hopefully didn’t disgrace meself too badly. What’s your verdict, Samantha? Can I graduate to a kimono?!

12 thoughts on “about that teal/green/turquoise rayon . . . the one with that 30’s pattern!”

  1. Thank you so much Jenny! My only secrets are overlocked pieces (rayon ravels like crazy) and using that blind stitch foot, which seemed counter-intuitive, but I remembered reading others used it, so gave it a try. Worked a treat & gets the credit, not me!

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