strangely september

As you can see from those trimmings on the left, although it’s still summer heat & humidity outside, have finally gotten a bit of local pottery to send off to my Aussie mate. . . for her Christmas gifty.

Which meant I needed to get the “wrapping” completed for her mum. sheila's cape

Can’t bring myself to ship them cold weather gear for their holiday gifts, knowing they usually are in the midst of a heat wave.

So I delay and do it during our summer. Which got delayed again this year because of the painting & window construction.

At least that’s what I’m telling meself!

So yesterday I spread out my 2+ yards of extra wide, wild & crazy fleece for mum’s “wrapping” poncho.

As she likes wild, crazy prints this was purchased specifically with her in mind, although I have grown rather fond of it, too.

As I’ve never met Sheila, I guess at her sizing… maybe my height (5’2″)? Maybe my width? (Cut a full 45″ wide piece.) And if it fits over my head, I know it fits over hers!

✂️✂️ After trimming off those edges, debating whether or not to try some sort of edging (not), voila ~ a poncho is born!

On another day I found the latest Threads magazine and decided to purchase.     Beware: They list lots of things, but when you click the link, all you get is their advert to pay for some online thingey.

Here’s what I enjoyed…

  • I do like the idea of those culottes, but NOT that front!
  • Pantone Autumn colours are here! Which ones do you like??? I like green, red, brown, and that stunning blue… which reminds me of a cotton knit in stash… 😉

As a rare treat-to-self, they had copies of Scottish Life with a glorious Autumn-coloured cover for me to drool over!



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