sunday sewing

My sewing table Sunday afternoon . . .

Once that pair was done, decided to begin the second pair, and had planned to French seam them.

I’d overlocked all the edges Saturday, and thought on Sunday that I’d try getting out my zipper foot to get really close to the edge on that first seam.

Nope. Got off track after a couple of inches and had to rip out.

Then turned the machine back on to begin sewing again… but forgot to re-position the needle.

my needle box
my needle box

One broken needle. OUCH!

Then panic began as I couldn’t seem to get the new needle to line up with the threader.

The dealer I’d gone to several years ago has just closed. I began imagining life without a functioning sewing machine.

!  !  !  !  😱 !  !  !  ! (silent wails of horror)

Took a long time out… ate chocolate… did a few stretching exercises… watched a bit more of the original version of “Cold Comfort Farm” on YouTube … and finally went back to the machine.

Turned the wheel just a bit before switching on, and heard the usual snap into position as I flicked the switch.

I saw the needle go up in the correct position, the threader worked, and I heaved a HUGE sigh of relief.

But decided to re-think those French seams. 😊

haven't gotten back to these quite yet
haven’t gotten back to these quite yet

15 thoughts on “sunday sewing”

  1. Oooh, does the chocolate technique when the sewing machine is behaving beautifully, but the operator is having “issues”? Shall try it………..
    Your UFOs look very organized! And I can’t wait to see what the turquoise becomes, it’s so pretty!!

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    1. Thank you. Strictly speaking, they’re not actually UFOs, but not yet started projects, still in their storage bags.
      Am working on the turquoise today; they will be lounge shorts for hot weather. Am taking my time with those French seams, and thus far doing okay. Will report results anon.
      Depending on the individual, probably the chocolate technique would work for whatever ails them. Perhaps we should do a study… 😉


      1. Bet you could get some eager participants with little problem on the study! haha. So…your pending projects (better?) are so nicely organized! I have only one project going, and it looks a shambles. (It really isn’t, but it looks it)

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        1. Thank you for being so generous in your estimate of that stuff as I can’t pile it because it slides everywhere.
          Your may look shambles to outsiders, but you know where everything is, I’ll bet! 😍


    1. Lol!
      Am inclined to think it was that little twist of the wheel that got the machine to sort itself out. But the chocolate probably did relax me enough to do something so automatic & thoughtless… on second thought, we all *know* thoughtlessness isn’t a good idea around machinery…
      Feel the hole I’m digging getting deeper so ’nuff said! 😇

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