watching paint dry… or not

Surmounting the daily question of how bad the fumes would get was the more burning question: WHEN am I gonna get to that linen dress I’ve been wanting to sew?

Maybe tomorrow? F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!

Nah, I haven’t cut it out yet today, but the sun hasn’t set yet. 😊

There’s a problem with last summer’s favourite pattern, Vogue 1236. The shoulder seam always pulls forward.

what's wrong?
see how this pulls forward?
drives me crazy!

This appears to be a pattern problem: The back is high and the additional length of the front piece lowers the entire front.

Does that make sense?

Wish I could get a better side view of this, to check for other possible causes.

Moving right along, the other pattern from last summer, McCall’s 6117, doesn’t have the problem, so that’s my choice.



Are they done with the painting?

Uh, there’s still the front door . . .


6 thoughts on “watching paint dry… or not”

      1. Lol…I mean on the paper pattern for next time, just move the seam,I’m sure I’ve seen some video about this in the past on one of my crafty du classes. The length would stay the same backend front. 😀

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  1. Umm I think you need a fit buddy or unpick and get someone to pin the front and back on you at the top of the shoulder. Decrease shoulder straps at back and increase them on the front pieces. Nee x

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    1. Brilliant, Nee – thank you!!! Wish I could find a fit buddy. Was figuring to decrease the back, but am afraid increasing that front is gonna be too revealing. Neckline needs to be hoicked up! xx

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