creepy? what’s creepy!

(Don’t give this away, Thimberlina!)

wonder what this could be



craters of Pluto?


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  1. Hi, Robyn! I’m in Arlington  have been meaning to ask if you’d like to get in touch, but put it off. Until today!Would love to have a meet-up if we can arrange.Problem is just now am going slightly nuts with all this outdoor painting going around me.Smells come either right through the walls, or are right where my AC intake is.This isn’t a great week to have to go without AC!  Am ‘vacationing’ in local hotels. But we could chat via phone, if that works for you.My cell is 312.933.9216, but we’d need to arrange a time. Or leave me a message & I’ll get back to you when I can.I’m almost off to tonight’s location… Hope we can sort everything out!del D’ellis from…

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