V8813 – old lady dress?

V8813Am faffing about this weekend, wishing the malodorous fumes from the outside painting would stop entering this tiny box as I don’t appreciate  the corresponding headache. (Sorry for the whine.)

Don’t let the new photo on the right confuse you!

In my cyberspace sleuthing to see who’s done what with this pattern, saw some who wondered if it was an old lady dress.

Is that why they changed the photo?

I know I can faff about some of the strangest things… but given that reprinting a pattern jacket (cover? folder??) costs time and money, am wondering why they did.

What do you think???

Looking at the new photo brought more questions to mind ~

  • Belt all that fabric around my waist? Are they serious?
  • A belt that wide would cover half my you-know-whats!
  • How many heads high is that model (the same model as the original pattern)??

Guess I’m more of an old lady than I thought . . .  or something.  😀 Meanwhile, goal for today: read pattern directions & note changes I want to make… do those center front gathers/pleats first  . . . . . .      (maybe play with my pin tuck foot?)



14 thoughts on “V8813 – old lady dress?”

    1. Thank you, Linda! Am beginning to think I should cut that front panel out of both fabrics, if there’s enough of the black. Then I’ll have more options. Also will re-read the directions, to assess for possible ways to baste one in & then exchange if I discover it doesn’t work… and places to take in seams… probably won’t need to consider the opposite!

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  1. Total agreement …. Belt all that fabric to look like a sack of potatoes when this can be achieved without the stress of the make just wrap ones self in any amount of fabric, add belt et voila! 😘

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  2. A belt? I bought the pattern thinking the gathers and lack of detail at the waist would disguise my middle as I certainly don’t want to draw attention to it. I won’t be wearing a belt:)

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  3. I love the combo of the fabric you’ve chosen however I would urge caution. The fabric that I chose is a linen mix in a light pink and I look like a galleon in full sail when I put it on, I think if I’d made it in a thin knit it would’ve worked much better.

    The centre panel isn’t difficult at all and is actually the nicest feature of the dress and one that I intend to copy for a different pattern at some point.

    Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Annie! Love your expression, “galleon in full sail” and am hoping these 2 fabrics are loosely woven & limp enough to forego that happening. Am keeping my fingers crossed. On those central gathers ~ do you think 6-strand cotton embroidery floss would work just as well as the perle cotton (which I don’t have)? Thanks again!


      1. I had to look at the pattern instructions and the dress to remind me, I can’t remember what I used to draw up the gathers but what I did subsequently was to cut 6″ lengths of selvage and stitched those down onthe wrong side using a zigzag stitch. If you do something similar the embroidery floss would be perfect.

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