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V8750 – the home stretch

the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing
the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing

Have gotten past the zip stage on Vogue 8750, and tried it on yesterday. It’s loose, but that means it will be comfortable for sitting. Too bad it doesn’t have an easy option for pockets.

Remember all those curved seams? They need pressing with a tailor’s ham, but fit around my bulges fairly well. However, will wait until it’s had a good wear test before writing more.

As a review, here’s the drawing from the back of the pattern. See those curved & slanted lines on the sides? They make matching the side seams interesting.

General construction is front left side, starting with the top yoke being sewn to the next piece down, then the bottom piece gets sewn to the top two. The variation in skirt width is determined by that bottom piece.

zipper in place - used regular style (from stash) and followed pattern directions
zipper in place – used regular style (from stash) and followed pattern directions

I had cut the top, straight version for length ~ straight & slightly pegged. The shortest length (A on drawings), is mid-knee on my short frame, with the inward curve not too visible. In fact, it’s more A-line, but I might change that after wearing. 😉

The pattern specifies 5/8-inch seam allowances for all seams. You might want to stick to that, as this is sort of a jigsaw puzzle to sew together.

Each seam is then pressed upward and top stitched directly after the seam is sewn. (Yes, Thimberlina, this time I really did press after each seam! 😀)

I decided not to trim off any seams, but will decide whether that was a good or not-so good decision after a couple of wears and washes.

If you’re going to overlock your fabric edges, I’d suggest you consider all the top stitching first, and perhaps not cut much of your 5/8-inch seam allowance off.

Er, wouldn’t want to think about handling a slithery fabric for this pattern. Not my idea of fun . . .   😳

The whole process is repeated for the opposite front side. Finally, each completed side is sewn to the front’s center panel. That’s the only piece that doesn’t get top stitched, although I suppose you could.

The back is sewn using the same process, except there’s no back center panel. The directions are for inserting a regular zip rather than invisible. I had one in my stash, so used it. There’s a slash at center bottom, and I’ll probably add my usual stretch lacy insert for modesty & a bit of fun.

This is a pattern to measure, cut out, & sew seam widths very carefully. There’s no waist band, which was an attraction for short-waisted moi. Another was the colour-blocking potential.

Questions??? Please feel free to ask, and I’ll try to answer.

Tereza! Are you home & unpacked yet?? You’ve made the fuller version, so please feel free to jump in.

11 thoughts on “V8750 – the home stretch”

  1. Jegging knit is the bottom weight fabric they recommend for those jean-leggings.. Basically, denim heavy, smooth finish, very stretchy, cotton/spandex/poly blend. Not sure why Vogue Magazine used that instead of a woven, but it draped well in the magazine photo. As for the sew-a-long, August is going to be too soon =( I’ve dug up my Sandra Betzina Vogue pattern and solid red cotton jersey, but I have several items already cut. I need to make some room on the table. How does October/November sound?
    As for this Vogue, I am not going to try it again for awhile. I just have so many other items I want to make and with the disappointing version I had before, I’m not motivated to try it again.
    I am excited about trying new shapes in our sew-a-long. Let me know how later in the season works for you!


  2. THANK YOU for letting me know you’re “back”! Have several ideas about our dress project – are you still interested? Do you have time?
    Sounds like wadding was a great decision. Can’t advise yet on the other fabric – what is “jegging knit”?
    Am still very undecided about this pattern . . . xx


  3. I am just about settled from my trip. I decided to wad the fuller version. I think if I make it again, I will use a darker, softer fabric with more drape. I was originally inspired by Vogue Magazine’s version in black jegging knit. I purchased that fabric already. I am torn between trying again or switching patterns. We’ll see how I’m feeling when I unpack my machine. I look forward to seeing your pencil!

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