what are “perfect” proportions? (Lagenlook extra)

Sorry, can’t resist sharing this ~ I’ve been having too much fun using my little seam gauge to compare this chart with photos & patterns.

No, that 1918 publication date below is not a typo, and the reason for the older writing stye. Goes to show this issue’s been around a lo-o-ng time… but so have the Greek methods for fixing it. 😉

“Although the correct height of an evenly proportioned woman is eight heads, as is mentioned in the list, artists in making drawings of figures, as well as in rendering pictorial designs of styles, generally choose a height of ten heads. This is done so as to bring out perfection in appearance, for it is true that actual photographs of perfect figures, even if the models are very slender, always appear short and thick.

“This information will help you to follow intelligently the designs in fashion magazines that attempt to overcome, by use of artistic drawings, the squatty appearance a photograph gives the really perfect figure.”

The Secrets of Distinctive Dress —  Harmonious, Becoming, and Beautiful Dress — its value and how to achieve it;

Mary Brooks Picken; 1918; p. 159. On-line from Harvard University here.

 this pdf file is available for downloading

CHART for Lagenlook extra

CHART for Lagenlook extra


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    1. Do remember this was for use on artists’ drawings and photos, and is the ancient Greeks’ standard for sculpture & art!
      Modern proportions, based on present day figures, are different!


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