Lagenlook 1: what’s that?

Lagenlook refers to a layered style in clothing, and appears to be credited with appearing in the 1970’s.

I saw the term about a week ago. Then I went on-line and started educating my eye & intellect. Then I spent time thinking.

initial analysis
Since the 1990’s I’ve favoured a summer outfit topped with either a blouse or a long jacket. I still have two jackets from that period, each of which I’ve worn and been complimented on this summer.

I’d planned to make several more, in solid colours, including the mustard handkerchief linen in the  top photo (doesn’t allow a caption), using the Casablanca pattern below (black version).

Trolling back in my mental archives, I realized something: I’ve been using my own version of Lagenlook for a very long time.


If you’ve time & interest, here’s a short on-line list of places I encountered.

And a short list of some independent pattern makers from the 90’s.

A few I own…

10 thoughts on “Lagenlook 1: what’s that?”

  1. I learned a new word too. Will waft round in my layers now saying, in my best Penelope Keith voice, ‘Don’t you know it’s the lagenlook, darling?’ 😉

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    1. Love Ms. Keith! Remember those gorgeous things she’d swan around in on that early series she was in, over here called “Good Neighbors?” She was so outrageous, but good-hearted one had to forgive her stunts!

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      1. I certainly do, but not sure which show ‘Good neighbours’ is. There were two big shows here – The Good Life – where they lived next door to Tom and Barbara Good who were a suburban self-sufficient couple and To the Manor Born, which I don’t really remember what happened, but she was a very similar character in that.

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        1. “Good Neighbors” = “The Good Life”
          Her wardrobe in this series delights me!

          “To the Manor Born”
          Subdued wardrobe , as character’s finances were challenged.

          Love (and purchased) both series.

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  2. I’m a huge fan of Lagenlook and have been for a while now – it’s mainly due to the fact that this style works so well in linen which is a dream to wear.

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      1. Not really, because I’m not a pattern drafter as far as clothes go where fit is crucial. This was made to fit my size and shape and I wouldn’t really want (or know how) to draft multi-size patterns. I suppose I could take the ‘one size fits all’ approach, but I wouldn’t want to have any disappointed customers.

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