this week, close up

Have been working on this post for several days, lacking a title. It’s a close-up look at the various threads (pun intended) of the extra-curricula workings of a creative person.

Lest anyone think applying line, pattern, texture, function & design to clothing a foolish pastime, consider some of the technical (engineering) challenges involved in putting them all together successfully in a 3-dimensional garment that’s made from the inside out, must withstand movement and frequent cleaning, and reflect the personality of the owner/wearer.

It’s engineering of the most complicated sort, as it involves mental and physical requirements.

However, the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge gave everything some order.

(click any pic for enlargements & captions & places to comment on each photo)


Have been staring at my copy of Vogue 8813 for some time, trying to decide whether or not to make it up and with which fabric. . . Thoughts, anyone?

Fellow sewers in the U.K. can check out the YSL exhibit now at The Bowes.  “Fashion fades, style is eternal” (He showed jumpsuit in 1968!)     Details  here.

Am getting ready for an Autumn Morris with inspiration from Grainline & NYC’s Mood Fabrics. It’s arrived & ready for me to pick up! ! ! More anon…

Why am I lusting for yet another lagenlook-style pattern when I’ve not sewn the one I own? It’s all lovely sewchet’s fault! Sheila’s made the most delectable 3 outfits, 2 self-drafted here & here, that’s why! What’s lagenlook?  See Thursday’s Curvy Sewing Collective’s post here, featuring “my” pattern.

More  🍁🍂  inspiration from a library copy of Tove Fevong’s Totally Simple Crochet… have to figure out if it’s American or Continental stitches.

Reading & thoroughly enjoying Why women cry : or, Wenches with wrenches,  by Elizabeth Hawes (1903-1971), published in 1943. On-line at Internet Archive.

Need to order Przybyszewski’s The Lost Art of Dress:The Women Who Once Made America Stylish which is fascinating & led me to the Hawes book, amongst others.

More order restored to the chaotic pile, and the heat wave broke. What more could a person ask? 😉

no more heat waves 😍, that’s what.
Oh. And does anybody have a good recipe for wholemeal digestives?? McVitie’s are almost $5 USD a packet. Gasp. AGHHHHHHH ! ! !

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  1. Thank you for getting back to me, Tereza! Are you sure you’ll have time? Don’t want to push you, luv. Know you’ve got lots of things on the move, literally! 😉

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  2. Sorry, I forget your mention of Shelia – had been a couple of days since I read your post. She certainly makes some fab things. Thanks for the invite to the sew-along, but I’m afraid I’ve a heap of sewing projects that aren’t getting attention, and I’m a rather tied up 😉 in things yarn at the moment. So, although lovely to join in, I really mustn’t get anything else on the go. Good to hear my comments gave you an idea for a post. I look forward to reading it 🙂

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  3. Yes, Dear Bekki, I follow Sheila of sewchet, and mentioned her in the above post. She’s done some stunning things, hasn’t she! She’s going to join a few of us in a Lagenlook sew-along, and you’re welcome to join us. Give it some thought. Meanwhile, your previous message gave me an idea for another post, which I’ve been working on, so back to it! xx

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  4. I see what you mean. Yes, 2D very different to 3D. Do you follow Sewchet? (I think I’ve seen you commenting on her blog) She’s a ‘real’ person and recently made something a bit similar and looks fab in it.


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