VOGUE 8750

sewing again!

VOGUE 8750

Making the green skirt,

middle right.

Answering a 2012 post, Kerri wrote: “. . .  I’ll be interested to see how it fits when you’re finished.”

With my apologies, I’m finally getting back to you, Kerri!

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The 100% cotton fabric used for this toile is not nice to the touch (bought on-line), but it’s proving to be sturdy enough for a decent evaluation of the pattern.

(Would hate to try it with a rayon, as so much of the pattern’s cut on diagonals. And we all know rayon has enough slink to make the thought of that not to everyone’s taste, particularly mine. 😉 ) But for a toile, it’s fine.

It only took three tries to get the positioning correct for those first two pieces. I hate this kind of thing, and always get the first couple of tries wrong. But I persevered (rare for me!), and got them going properly.

the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing lines

the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing lines ~ they also really use fabric well ~ only 1 yard (45″ W) for my toile!

Next steps are ironing the seams up, and top stitching along each seam line.

This will further accentuate the lines of the pieces, and emphasize the overall design of the skirt. . .

… which initially drew me to the pattern. More anon . . .  😍


10 thoughts on “sewing again!

  1. Tereza

    Oh, I do love this pattern. I just wish mine (the flared version) had come out better. I’m looking forward to seeing the pencil. I might pull mine out again…

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          THANK YOU for posting this! I remember your post, but hadn’t realized it was “my” Vogue pattern, too. (And no Search section on your site that I could see.) Agree about those side pieces they tack on for the A-line view… giant godets?

          1. Tereza

            Sort of a panel of a circle skirt tacked onto the side of a pencil. Now that I think about it, I should wack those off and see how it looks. I was so disappointed I tossed it into the wadder/UFO bin. We’ll see if I can salvage it to a pencil. Worth a try…
            ps. thanks for the search bar tip. I’m still revamping my blog and forgot to create that!

          2. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Enjoying your new format & moving towards something similar, too.
            See if you can seam rip those sides out & get the alternate pieces cut out from them, as there’s an alternate in the pattern. Keep us posted!

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