improvements & a useful tool

Have been washing and filing fabrics again this weekend, as well as digging out more of that chaotic pile and putting it in order.

As part of straightening out I’ve finally gotten a little mirror hung in my closet, to check how jewellery looks with my outfit without having to walk across the room to the door, (and away from the jewellery). No, I’m not being (too) lazy!

Sometimes that distance makes for a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, when a combination just won’t come right. I’m grateful to have it resolved.

Whilst doing this I realized some Dear Readers might not have found this inexpensive and oh, so useful little tool, so here it is in action. (click any pic to go to captions & a  comment field for each pic)

Have found these little guys quite handy for re-treating my serger (overlocker) as well as other little jobs. Hope you do, too! 💕

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