. . . catching up . . .

front of blue sorbetto see the pocket just above left dart?
front of blue sorbetto
see the pocket just above left dart?

Saturday I wore the blue up-cycled first version of Colette’s Sorbetto pattern to lift my spirits a bit, and do a casual wear test. It failed.

Will give it another try, this time with a pin to close up the neckline, which was so big it kept sliding off my shoulders. Why I didn’t noticed that before I haven’t a clue.

Wore the yellow yesterday, and it was much better, although I’d left the men’s shirt tails intact, and they’re too long.

Had to tuck it into my transitional green skirt, something I never do (wrong proportion for me). Also discovered the skirt needs its elasticated waist taking in.  🙂

windows wall
that red-orange thru the plastic is a workman standing in the basket hoisted up the my floor by a crane

Here’s a piccie from last Wednesday morning as the wall of windows, covered on the inside by thin plastic, was prepped for removal, then replaced with new windows hours later.

Have no idea when finishing work will be done and unfortunately, don’t expect the courtesy of advance notice. Do I put furniture back? Or wait??

Being forced to pile everything together in a hurried jumble Tuesday night meant frustration trying to carry on with normal life. Each time I’d reach for something, it’d be in the jumble.

Had a lot planned for the holiday weekend. All cancelled. Grrrrrr.

A while back I acquired a new-to-me table with drawers (yeah!) and Plan A had been to thoughtfully rearrange sewing equipment and furniture, as part of the overall prep-for-window-replacement process. We were supposed to have a week’s notice, not overnight.

Plan B has been survival amidst chaos, whilst deciding whether to put furniture in the planned re-arrangement. (Will they appear today? Tomorrow?? Who knows!)

For solace & inspiration I’ve been watching my missed Season 2 of “Great British Sewing Bee” via YouTube, and it’s time for another episode . . .

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    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I’ve made some new order, but still haven’t gotten room made for either sewing machine as they’d be “in the way” for more work on this now leaking window. Am reading very interesting books about sewing. More about them to come! Also awaiting my back issue of that U.K. sewing magazine that includes a free pattern – want to try out the pussy bow blouse Amanda has made so beautifully. Sewing is very much in mind, if not precisely in hand. 😊

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    1. I can tolerate a bit of a mess for a while, if it’s come from the creative process, i.e., I know where things are. But when the project’s done order must be restored. Thank you so much for your kind words! 😘

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  1. I sympathise about the window saga, having the house turned upside down is no fun at all, especially if you’ve got nowhere to sew! I didn’t watch series two of GBSB so I might try to find that on YouTube later.

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  2. Hope you’re soon put back together. Must be a nightmare. At least sewing bee will cheer you up. Have you fever seen series one anywhere? I missed it as I wasn’t into seeing when that was on.
    Your blue top….I had a bit of a gaping issue – that’s why I sewed the extra buttons on, just a thought. 😃

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    1. Thank you for such kind thoughts. I think I did see Season 1 on YouTube just lately. A word about searching ~ go to youtube.com and search for this: “great british sewing bee” Include those quotation marks as they keep the words together so you get the complete title, and not a mix of anything with any of those words in the title. Once you’ve got that much sorted, look at the different episodes listed and click on the one you want. There’s also a “channel” listed that contains many programs, and they have Season 1.
      Many people have listed the seasons & episodes this way: 0103. Translation: Season 1, episode 3.
      Hope this helps you. If not, just let me know. 😉

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  3. Oh dear, poor you. Sounds like you’re not having too much fun with sewing or the refurb project. Don’t despair, it’ll all come good! Chin up!

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