we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

To say I received word late this afternoon that my windows are to be replaced. Tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday. Or Friday.

Puh-LEASE don’t be insulted if I don’t answer all the fascinating posts you’ll be writing in the interim!

The details?!

  1. Monday (it’s now Tuesday evening for those in other time zones) I was “officially” advised in writing that this was not happening in July.
  2. The notice also specified I would receive a 5-to-7 day notice, followed by a 24-hour notice, before it did happen.
  3. Late this afternoon there were two tags hanging on my door which said it will happen tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next.
  4. Both tags had the wrong unit number written on them.
  5. Management, thankfully not closed, said there’d evidently been a change, and my windows will be replaced. Either Wednesday, Thursday, or maybe Friday*.

Since then my time’s been spent moving all my sewing materials and patterns, the sewing machine, and the serger into the other room, which has no window. The computer table’s been cleared and early tomorrow morning I’ll unplug it and hope it doesn’t have to get moved. Then the curtains come down. . .

Hope to see you all again soon!

* Just realized, and confirmed: Friday is a national holiday ~ Fourth of July.

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