musing with masters

MUSE, v.i. s as z. [L. musso and mussito, to mutter or murmur… what we call humming… as persons do when idle, or alone and steadily occupied.] To ponder… to study in silence. . .to wonder.

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Was in hunter-gatherer mode last week, so not much sewing got done, except for a bit of mending, which will go un-blogged. 😇

But have had some photos of a book read last month that might be worth mentioning. As often happens, I saw Lizzie’s blog review (here), of Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede, and wanted to see more. Wonder of wonders, our library had a copy, and it was in my hands within days.

It was fascinating to learn more about Halston, and I had no idea Warhol spent time as a fashion illustrator. It seems as if I’ve always known their names,  but hadn’t a clear idea of their contributions and connections to fashion in general, and my own style specifically.

(Did you realize Halston is famous for his Ultrasuede shirtwaist dresses? I’d totally forgotten!)

What’s my “style?” Not committing meself, as necessity often dictates what I make! Suffice to say Halston has always had an influence, as a current purchase attests.  (Alder pattern View B.)

Now all I have to do is get out of hunter-gatherer mode and back into sewing!


Muse is this week’s Photo Challenge.

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